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you are aloud to vote for egg of the year and nominees are

Duzz_ for being the best leader ever of dew and being number 1

plop because he bet me 2 times this year and ranked number 3

jacodude for being a level 17 and bet a level 99

gold man2 for posting good ideas that inspired me with them

Duzz_Smiley_Trollface plopSmiley_Thing jacodudeSmiley_Skull gold man2Smiley_FriedEgg

Duzz_ because he has the best clan ever
so who do you choose though
I don't really see the point in having an 'egg of the year' contest, with only your friends included. I'd keep that to a private chat! Smiley_Smile
i choose all! i play beo2 now for 1 year and you all gave me a awesome time guys thx!
Well it is great that you chosed me to be one of the competers in this thread.
thanks shadow next year work hard and you might get chosen
Moved to games.
only comment when you vote
I Voted AH NO because I don't support this Idea. To me there are some VERY good players in beo2. But since now that I can't play Bad Eggs Online 2...there really is no point in me entering any of these kinds of dumb forum games because I can't participate in them since I have no Beo2 account.....therefore this is just my opinions
and now Have a good Day-Regards
Smiley_Dragon GND Smiley_Dragon.
I HATE MAGEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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