Full Version: trolls, trolls & trolls - KICK PLAYER FUNCTION FOR GAME HOST
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Gonna explain it in a simplyer way than tenchi did.

They introduce kick option.
You play with another pro friend in 2v2, 2 noobs come and decide to kick you ( because your better) , again and again, is this fun?

Then you come back and beg for removing the kick option.

I bet 100$ noobs will bann pros from games , and that you will come back to ask removing this mode.

Kick option is just stupid , since tthere will be alway 12 years old kids that abuse it, Just look how they act on game , bich please.
Anyone who suggests a kick option, clearly has never understood just how bad the bad eggs community is.
You can reduce the likelihood of playing with/against trolls by enabling the 'Pos Rep Only' option when you create games. Trolls often have negative reps, due to the amount of reports submitted against them.
For everyone who thinks this is a good idea:

Play 10 minutes of ShellShock Live or Stick Arena, I guarantee you that you will spend 8 minutes of that time getting kicked, whatever reason that may be.
Yep, there won't be a kick option because its potential to be abused is worse than the average trolling. Tally gave you the best thing you can do to avoid these players.
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