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I thought of this weapon from another game that is similiar to Bad Eggs..Its a weapon that can trap the player.

When a player shoots it out infront of the other player there will be a mine that when the other player steps on it will dig him into a pit Smiley_Trollface thats not too big but it is enough so he cant just walk or jump out of it.

Also it can be disabled by shooting the mine with an explosive weapon (Things like a knife cant disable the mine).

Feel free to comment and review it Smiley_Smile
Although I don't know whether or not it would be possible to implement it, I like the idea. What sort of damage would you imagine the weapon doing?
good idea, bad concept. dont take me the wrong way though, i think your idea is good just needs some tweaking.

if you laid out a mine that drills an opponent (and there already is a the drill weapon) nobody would ever step on it. you would have better luck hitting them with a pan ontop of it.

so i have a suggestion for improvement.
keep the mine, remove the pit. you can throw the mine with the same effectiveness that you would a grenade, and it's not effected by wind. it instantly sticks to whatever it touches once thrown. (if it lands on a player then it explodes)
weapon can do like...i'd say 25 or 27

stays there all game until detonated.
there were mines in beo1.
Since it will trap the player i was thinking of small damage dealing...Like 15-20dmg.

And Vexis,i was thinking like that (No wind affection just sticking on the place) but it still needs a way to bother the enemy,so you can shoot it infront of a player and he cant go to you unless he steps away and blows it up..I like some of your suggestions though.
in beo1 mine did ~20 dmg if player was in vicinity when it exploded.
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