Full Version: Chicken in 1 vs 1
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I suggest that if player leaves match before opponent is dead then chicken stays in match before health drops to 0.

Yesterday played two 1 vs 1 matches (lost 1st due totally crappy weaps) against same player and he left bit after 2nd match had started (after failing his 3rd shot) so I didn't gain much from that match (xp is useless since I'm at 99).
Just wondering, who would control the chicken?
Obviously a bad idea because you would just let yourself win.
I agree with Grim-Cat on this....because yea you would just basically get the kill......Just that would
kinda be like ...Cheating.....
I think he meant that it's controlled by the computer. Or just didn't think it through.

Either way. I don't support the idea.
No, the system as it is is fine.
okies but it feels stupid to play 1 vs 1 match and then not to get kill cause opponent chickens.

sure it happens in team matches too (encountered it few times but those have been due lag).
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