Full Version: A mew weapon
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Here is a good weapon that could be added.

The Broom. A gun that shoots out 5 mini brooms. A mini broom is a total of 20 dmg. 4 dmg of a mini.

Also another way to use it.Like the pan.You can slap another egg with it. The full dmg is 15.
no, no, no,

1 to less damage
2 already weapons like this
3. its NEW not mew
Mew weapon?

[Image: mew.gif]

Anyway, wouldn't this just be a crappier version of the grenade launcher?
IT would, combined with a terrible pan. To all the noobs, make sure that your suggestion doesn't already exist! (I was hoping the wep would be cat related. That would be funny.)
what do you mean the weapon isn't on beo2
I voted no because there is limited detail given. It sounds like you are making up a weapon similar to the triple X or multi-missile. How would this be different from other multi projectile weapons?
This is already a weapon. Maybe you should try looking in the weapons section in the game before suggesting a weapon.

Or just don't suggest anything at all.
i found what on thread the name is ''a mew weapon'' i think you mean ''new'' or
Sorry bro but I voted no, for the same reason that SouthSideField gave.
I'm going to have to venture a question... any reason in particular it is a broom weapon? Is there anything special about it, other than that, that is different about it than other weapons in the game?
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