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see this
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[img][Image: 118dqo5.png][/img]

please sorry i forgot to tell that see the chat he is an abuser he should be banned. So Rob and John why don't you ban him
Too small to read...
Is there any way you can increase the text size?
You can report him in-game for bad behavior.
This section of the forum is for bug reports. If you have a problem with a player then you have several options:

- Firstly you can mute them which immediately prevents any abuse from them since they can no longer send chat messages to you.
- Secondly you can report them (if you have high enough Rep). You can report a player in-game using the 'Chat options' button or pre-game by clicking the report button next to the player you wish to report.
- And thirdly if that is still not enough then you can always send either John or myself a PM or contact us through our contact form.

Unfortunately that screenshot is too small and we cannot see what is going on.
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