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First off I want to say that my sister did think of this, I am just posting it. I may add a few adjustments.

It works like this: When you are in a game (or in weapons inventory), you simply roll over your weapons with your mouse, or in mobile hold your finger over a weapon, to have the weapon info pop up.

Some where under or above the description of a weapon, it will display the amount of kills you have made with it.

This can be helpful for knowing what weapons you need kills with to earn a badge, or proof of how many kills you have made with a certain one. And of course just simply wanting to know your amount of slaughters made with each weapon.

Once you prestige, you will still have the amount of kills made with each weapon. But will have to regain badges like you normally would.

This feature will not show up on items such as the teleport that do no damage.

If you want this in the game, or don't, please vote on the poll.
Yeah good idea bro! I'm really support this idea!
not bad idea at all.
I assumed what you meant by "in the game you scroll over your weapon to see how much kills you've gotten with it" That you meant in a game playing against someone.

It should be in your weapons area. Not in a game where you are able to do that.

Anyways, nice suggestion. I support it.

:Edit: Never mind. Just saw that you put "or weapons inventory"
I support this idea Smiley_ThumbsUp because then you know what weapons to kill someone with to win a badge or background which will be loads easier for players.

I do support the ideaSmiley_Wink
Sounds like a really nice idea.
I don't care sense i have all badges Smiley_Tongue but it's good idea to see how many eggs you killed with weapons
Thanks everyone for your support, appreciate it.
Actually, I've thought about an option like this many times. I think it would be very hand in several ways. For one, back when I was trying to earn badges, it was very annoying having to go into all my player data and badges every time to check were my progress was on a certain badge. Second, it'd just be cool to be able to know how many kills I have with a certain weapon. Idk, that'd just be interesting. =D I support it! I'd actually love to see this implemented at one point or another.
yeh please add this i really love it!! Smiley_BigGrinD
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