Full Version: getting credits from winning
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this is a pathetic and childish suggestion, the reason is because let's say rayvel for example

he wins nearly ALL games which = UNLIMITED CREDITS+DONKINS+MONEY= the donkins get hardly any profit.

simple mathsSmiley_Tongue, just one piece of advice...please...please think before you type because ANYONE could write.

" 5 credits every time you win a game" but EXPLAIN WHY? then eggs would see YOUR side of the story and some opinions will change some will be short answers like

"" 20 character limit

sorry it's the real world here...well internet anyway. so if you want credits just the most simple explanation and solution is too BUY them.

sorry if It sounds rude but remember to explain why or maybe next time suggest a game mode Smiley_ThumbsUp

good luck,hidden
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