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Add Stat. filter to Quick search option
when we use quick search option player randomly joins anyone
what if stat. filter implemented in quick search option?
where you will join player of your nearest stat. match
for example in 1v1 if you are player with 4 k/d ratio, you will join either 3 or 5 k/d whichever nearest available at that time.
note-good stat. dosent mean alwys you will meet skilled player,but its good way to find good match, you nevr know.
(11-29-2014 06:12 PM)Shadow Wrote: [ -> ]hello @sensei,

Bad eggs its not so much grown up till now.
so it will be a problem right now,
but they can implement it when the mobile version will get around 50,000+ download
they can add it into mobile version,as we know now pc verison will die a little as people will now prefer to play on the mobile instead of sitting in front of laptop or computer

Thank you

This doesn't really make much sense. If they were going to implement something like this, why would they do it only on mobile, and wait before doing it?

Anyway, I wonder how this would work for matches that aren't 1v1. As for 1v1 matches themselves, it could work, although I have to wonder how hard to implement it would be.
People are making things too complicated imo
(11-29-2014 06:50 PM)Shadow Wrote: [ -> ]actually inyusha
if there will be around 200 player are online at a same time on computer
how can this kind of filters can be searched so easily,it would make te game more complex and searching players time will take more as very few people will be allowed for that match

There's much more than 200 players online at the same time, on either platform.
Yet you seem to underrepresent the computing power of any normal computer. Even if they had to do a sequential O(n) scan (and simply sorting the lists would bring it down to O(log n)), the time it takes is not even worth considering. It takes more time for the server to send you the lobby list than to search through it, if that gives you an idea.

I'm not sure how much knowledge of algorithms you have, but trust me, the complexity of this is nil.

As for making it hard to find an opponent, well, it's your choice to enable this mode or not, isn't it?
(11-29-2014 07:30 PM)Shadow Wrote: [ -> ]inyusha

i am saying that there will be less layer having same type of k/d therefore host have to wait more untill the search of that kind of player is found
I am not saying the time taken by the server
and the lobby will be more complicated by this thing

It's an option -- you don't like it, you tick it off and never see it do anything.
Not sure how having more options is a bad thing.
function alredy exist,currently i am playing Tank fighter game
theirs stat. matching function is different based on players lvl,avg. battle ratio.
As you lvl up in that game, you alwys find close match [statistically] lvl wise, in that game lvl 30 nevr plays with lvl 10.
only difference is Tank ,how strong it is ,how much skilled you are in moving your tank ,how many weapons you have upgraded to highest lvl etc..
one of my battle result-

so here in BEO same thing could be apply ,system itself will give priority to look for nearest k/d match
if it cant find then by default it will put you in any room available.
for 2v2 & 3v3 it will look for room which hav max player's with higher k/d than yours or near match, will add you there.
I like this a lot actually. I do not see anything wrong with it, and it sounds like a really helpful feature, something that I would use frequently.
I think something like this should be added. I support this idea!
Whats with the objections? This is a great idea. No comments, definitely should be put in game.
I have few times tried quick play option and mostly have gotten into every1 vs every1 match.
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