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Mobile app bugs thread , here you post your pics of bugs!
So lets start with the first one :
A classic
[Image: pvbsl.png]

Please if you have bugs , just screen it , it will help improving the game.

Then just go on tinypic and upload the screen , then go on Beo2 forum from mobile chrome , log in and post the pic here!

Yeah that happened to me too Croc!
Most frequent bug that happens to me.
There is a bug were the player stuck in the ground when we let them teleport like this http://prntscr.01com/5bsjt2
and there is another bug where there is invisble wall we can't move from and i lose connection..
lol i had that lagg much
This happens on desktop too, it's due to lag.
also u can connect ur bad eggs online to facebook on mobile and not on the website wich is very sad to me since now I cant play on my level 83 acc that I played on my mobile on the website since I used the facebook. also sad since I seen other mobile account able to go from the mobile to the website not the facebook ones though Smiley_SadI really need help since I spent 20 dollars on my mobile bad eggs online 2 acc that should of ben able to go to the website but I coudnt because the website u cant log in threw the facebook from my knolege !! Smiley_Sad I need help from people Idk wat to do ! Smiley_Sad help ? Smiley_Sad
my daughter got a tablet for xmas and i put beo2 on there as she <3's the game too. In an attempt to get her hambo shell i noticed there isn't even an option for Join Friend. . .
further attempt to get her the bunny shell, well the easter egg isn't there.
Still more updates or.....was those parts just forgotten about?
Yeah even there isn't a code for joining the game and i tried to get the bunny shell and there isn't any egg on the Easter map.
The Donkins said that they weren't implementing the join code feature in the mobile version because it wouldn't work as well.
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