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I know that there are many strong weapons and half of you think that the strongest weapon is the meteor. (elephants are better). My opinion is that the best weapon in the game is the ghost bow followed by the spurge grenade and elephants.
heres why the ghost bow is the strongest.(taking up to 54 and shoots throw walls and can hit multiple eggs and shoot through walls.

if you agree or disagree with me then write comments
Nice video -_-

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No offense, but Epic did 54 dmg wayyyyy before you, and it looked better Smiley_Tongue
why unskilled players call best weapon to those who made more dmg, not always making more means its the best, theres no doubt that pan and boxing glove are the best weapons in the game, the reason are the only ones who have integrate the moving force, besides dont modify/affect terrain, and give something all others weapons dont give (even when active forces ) and im talking about aiming the enemy like a bullet. this simple factor can change in everything the strategy of the game, and more when newbies /unskilled players only move close to hit, also the factor that pan its not a static weapons on main arsenal gives the plus to the weapon.

sadly players are blind for the total dgm, and even on that perspective they are wrong, on beginings of forum i prove that the most powerful weapons on the game its gas grenade because can make 120 dmg on specific conditions, here ppl are fighting for weapons with 54 - dmg, when theres already one that makes 120.

oh newbies........
Looooool troll is right Smiley_Wink Btw i say the best wep is sniper cos its hard to use when u shoot up Smiley_BigGrin
frost bow (or whatever it is) due it prevents opponent moving (haven't myself used it but seen it used on my teammate who died cause couldn't move (and apparently crappy weapons) and vortex, sonic and dynamite can do similar thing too.
Ithink the lazer mg today I got splatted by it and wa flying.WEEEEEEEEEEE
You mean ice bow*

Character limit
I voted for other, OK?
for you people who think the meteor is the best weapon have a look on how strong it is.

troll2 I want to see you do a 120 if you want to make fun of people. Ill give you plus 1 rep if you can do it on a online match. (or none if you do it on practice)
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