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When I where in the shower ( lol ) i had this idea.
I always like to practice.. but it's boring with those eggs in practice mode that don't move and you always have to move them...
So.. i tought the devs can add a new game settings,
Ranked ON/OFF
If it's Ranked those games what you play will count in your stats and if it's Unranked ( Ranked OFF ) the games that you play don't modify your stats/kills/games played/ losts etc...

What do you guys think?
I have to say that this isn't anything that would work. The point of practice is to learn maps and weapons. By moving the dummy egg yourself, you can set up difficult shots in order to practice them so that you know what you need to do in a real match. (Whether or not this has anything to do with the suggestion, I started here just as you did.)

As for not counting stats, again, this wouldn't work. Stats are tracked for a reason, to show you (and others) how good you are. If you turn the stat tracking off, then it's like saying "this shouldn't have been here to begin with". Does it stink to lose? Of course, and it can kill your win %, but that's not any reason to say you don't want to keep track of all the different stats. Another reason that it wouldn't work is the leaderboards. You could kill 1,000,000 eggs and take the top spot in the kill boards...until you remember that you turned the stat tracking off. It's just one more thing that could go wrong (including forgetting to set current in-game settings), but it's one that would come back to the Donkin's instead of us players.
Sorry, but I agree with tenchi.

I feel that it would also take away from the skill aspect of the game. When you play against a computer, there is a certain amount of predictability to the game, which would swing the odds drastically in the player's favour and ultimately undermine the statistics.

Good for you, for pitching your idea, though! Smiley_Smile
Hmmm... i don't think is that bad, because i thought about it like the low gravity/wind/skill shoot mode... it can be activated or deactivated in the lobby menu ^_^.
And thanks for sharing your toughs. Smiley_ThumbsUp
Nah, if they added this then there will be even more people who are totally obsessed over their stats, making them play only to raise up their stats and not playing for fun. As tenchi said, you can just move the egg to the position where you want to hit the egg so you can practice the more difficult shots and be more consistent with them. Or better yet, just play as a guest Smiley_BigGrin
+1 on what tenchi said, really.
(11-08-2014 04:16 AM)tenchi Wrote: [ -> ]As for not counting stats, again, this wouldn't work. Stats are tracked for a reason, to show you (and others) how good you are.

But actually it doesnt, am i right? Smiley_Smile


No this is just stupid
As said before it will make more nerds obsessed by stats , And you will see 100% win peoples with an aim that basically can't hit an egg from 2 cm Smiley_Wink

Not supported.
(11-08-2014 06:40 AM)Game Wrote: [ -> ]Or better yet, just play as a guest Smiley_BigGrin
Playng as guest doesnt help practice, it just shows your good even without your account weapons.
( also i dont get why peoples get mad about bought weps, it doesnt make us win, hitting bought weps are just like a mortar or bazooka , the only thing that counts is the aim . )

P.s i get my ideas in shower too. (i dont know why i had to say this but okay.)
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