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Smiley_BigGrin What dou you all think about a little update to release the same day as the bo2 is gonna be released to ios and android that consists of having another new 5 prestiges ¿?¿? because there are people that has already reached prestige 5 so... Smiley_Smile
The issue with this is that it creates a huge gap between the new player and the veteran. The idea of a rank/prestige/general growth cap is that a newbie can eventually be at the same level than the oldest players around.
The point is that there should've been made around 10 prestiges on this game from start, ( i suggested this way back when beo2 was still in beta period , and when i was the 2 player to reach prestige 1 after one week of game ) but they did not do this, they just made lv99 ( BEO1 had lv 80 max)

Now they can't do anything i think, it's too late.[/align]
Well they could change it, Crocus. The change wouldn't necessarily be a bad impact, it would just be late.
The thing is, there's just no reason to do so.

The way you keep new players captivated is by giving them something that seems achievable. Prestige 5 is the max, so everyone wants to reach that, and that keeps them playing.

For someone who doesn't have pro, that would take quite a while, and mind you that I'm sure the majority would not bother paying for that. With that, prestige 5 still seems achievable with a lot of time. Make the level and prestige unlimited and it's going to cause disinterest fast. Same goes for prestige 10. As Inuyasha said, the gap between veterans and newbies would be too big; and then they'd feel like there's no point in trying to catch up and play.
It probably would be disheartening for new members. I can see why you suggested it, but I feel that it would only benefit those who have already achieved maximum, or near-maximum, prestige.
I just did some quick math. It takes 1,891,890 experience points to go from a new account to a prestige 5 level 99, assuming you'd always prestige at your first opportunity to do so.
If you take into account that everyone likes to play in level 99 for a while, you have that the total is somewhere around 2 million (probably a bit more).

If you don't have pro (and the large majority of the users don't -- even if, for many of you, it doesn't look that way, because the people you know/play with do have it), 2 million experience points is just a lot. Assuming you, in average, deal enough damage to kill 1 egg per match, and assuming you have a win/loss ratio of... say, 60%, you have that, per match, you're gaining 100 + 60% * 70 (win bonus, 100/2 + 20 points for the win) = 142 experience points per match in average. (Remember, not pro, 100 HP per egg!)

That gives us around 14,000 matches to go from nothing to full prestige/levels. I'm sure that 14,000 matches is an extremely high number, and that you can only achieve it by being around for probably several years. Let's do some more maths: assuming you play an average of 20 hours per week (which is a lot, people have lives!), and that the average match lasts 12 minutes (this just comes from personal observation, keep in mind I virtually always play matches with no pro options enabled), you have that this takes 140 weeks, or roughly 2 years 8 months.

I'm quite sure that 2 years 8 months is, if anything, too long. It shouldn't even take that long to get to full ranks, so increasing it can only make things worse.

(And please, don't come to me telling me that it didn't take you that long. I'm talking about an average player, without any purchased content (i.e., no pro), who plays for a reasonable amount of time. If it took you significantly less, it's almost certain that you don't meet one of those three conditions.)
Well yeah you'r right, in fact i played only 4900-5000 games to achieve full prestige , i just had pro as gift from beta version.

I just tought was funnyer to have more challenges on this game .

I also know what means to play without pro, in fact in beo1 for 3 prestiges i hadn't that.
If peoples leave the game cause they can't reach max prestige , let them do that, personally i think who plays to reach high XP is not a real "player" of this game , and can't be called that. Games should be played specially for fun , then for glory.

If someone leaves the game just cause A Level reason he is just STUPID. And he doesn't deserve to play that game Smiley_Smile
To be fair, for a lot of people, reaching a high level is a large part of the fun. Not necessarily for glory, but for a sense of accomplishment in themselves. I suppose it just depends on the individual person!
more prestiges have been suggested since beo1 players reached 5th prestige and while it encourages playing it also needs something more as reward reaching prestige 10 than badge and maybe shell and also needs to be find out if players want to replay lvl 1 to lvl 99 ten times total and whatabout after reaching 10th prestige? add more prestiges?

like inuyasha said it takes long time as non pro to reach 5th prestige so 10 prestiges would take 5-6 years and noone can predict if bad viking exists at that time or if bv exists does beo exist and also there has also come new beo game when players hunting 10th prestige have reached prestige 8 so playerbase drops alot and matches per day drops so it takes longer time to get same xp.
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