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(10-22-2014 11:00 AM)snitcher Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-22-2014 08:41 AM)GoldenNightmareDragon Wrote: [ -> ]@Seshomaru I really liked your comment towards these 2. Most people say that I spam when most of the time I'm just giving my got dang suggestions/opinions...Smiley_Confused Smiley_Confused *shrug*.[/size][/b][/align][/font][/color]

by any chance, am i included in one of those "2"? if so then please do provide me a screenshot of me claiming that you are a spammer.
I think you're misinterpreting, he's referring to my previous post where I talked about SwagMasterD erroneously calling your posts spam, and then also added that Troll2 was being a hypocrite for giving the same lecture. (He does the same thing to people.)

It had nothing to do with you; in fact I was, in some way, defending you.
(10-22-2014 01:56 PM)Inuyasha Wrote: [ -> ]I guess lots of people still don't know the difference between being redundant (which is simply saying the same thing more than once -- doesn't add anything new to a discussion, but it's often a perfectly valid post nonetheless, because it expresses someone's reaffirmation towards an idea -- when not abused, that is) and spamming (which is clearly pointless and harmful towards any discussion). Being redundant is a minor hindrance at its most, and often not even that; spamming is a serious problem that generally requires moderation.

isn't that how it always goes most of the time? Smiley_Trollface

(10-22-2014 01:56 PM)Inuyasha Wrote: [ -> ]On the other hand, when I criticised swag's post initially, I got a PM from someone (won't say who to avoid more trouble) asking me to "not be hard on him" because this person had asked swag to make that post.
I should say that, if you're going to attack someone, and especially if you're going to wrongly accuse someone of something, you should at least do it yourself instead of getting someone to do so. I'm heavily disappointed in this, especially considering who sent that PM.
Just thought I could clear swag's name here.

i'm not really sure why you would want to clear a name of someone who chooses to become a dog of someone. i mean, we already have a half demon dog, a full demon dog, & day69 dog breed, but he just chose to plainly become someone else lap dog. that just shows what kind of a leader he is towards his clan. he'd rather be with a coward and become a dog of his new master. not to mention, this is online. lol. just imagine how much more of a possible social climber could he be irl? Smiley_Trollface

(10-22-2014 01:56 PM)Inuyasha Wrote: [ -> ]PS: troll2's post seemed interesting, but I really have a lot of trouble reading through bad grammar, so I could barely make it through the first handful of lines. Anyone mind summarizing it or something?

uhh, lets see.. he's basically saying the problems of this place and sort off complementing me for trying to suggest how to makes this place become lively and to not lose hope since the other updates where suggested from beo1, but has been implemented here in beo2.

@sesho & gnd

right, i forgot to apologize. mb. you do know that i both love you right my beautiful evil babies? <3


and with all these we have officially somehow gotten off topic so is there anything else that some of you might want to add before it does become a spam thread like the new dog of this forum and his new mysterious master wants to claim it to be? Smiley_Trollface
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