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Not all of his posts, in general they are quite good, I just meant the ones of this thread.
(10-19-2014 01:36 PM)[TNT™] SwagMasterD Wrote: [ -> ]Not all of his posts, in general they are quite good, I just meant the ones of this thread.

Expressing his opinion isn't spam... on the other hand, they are probably quite redundant at this point, since nothing new is being added to the thread.



if you look in here then you'd get about half of the actual users per day in which still isn't half bad at all. a lot of those users can actually make good of the things in here.

now, it is already obvious that i am very well aware that the community isn't even large, that's why we all want to at least try and make it that way don't we? or maybe at least some.. (just like how things becomes large inside some peoples pants?..ok, no. just no..nvm this :trollfaceSmiley_Smile

lastly, we already have enough way pointless topics than this one like some wants to claim it to be so what's the problem with having a little more when you're trying to produce something? does explaining how they got those perks going to hurt anybody? especially at this point, when this can actually fall to strategic, operational, systematic, and or calculated risks. what else do we have to lose? when we can possibly have a whole lot more to gain.

[Image: 22Z0l2U.jpg]

so uhh.. what are you still doing here then? to be honest i'm quite flattered that you even bothered returning just to post in here while we haven't gotten a new mod yet, thank you very much.


in anyway, i really have to hand it to that guy that listed and brilliantly discussed everything that was currently going on in this place since he was accurately on point to the extent that i will honestly plea guilty to some of the things that he put in there.

always nice read your threads, i kinda agree with you, but instead of titles or classifications , unlocking privileges should be the rewards, newbies shouldnt be able to post after they understand and read previous post, for example every time a newbie join the first thing they do is ask again what have been asked many times before, so time should give u earn some privileges, sames goes for make your own threads, u need to earn first reply privilege, if u keep a nice and clean reply history, then with a system bases on reps, like we used to have on first days on forum, were only staff and really veterans members that really try to involve and keep a community will rep members , so after u getting X amount of reps u will earn the privilege of make your own threads, and then after geting another ammount of reps u should be able to being giving reps. titles are not really usefully, but privileges open is what make this forum dead,

Now ppl keep complaining, but most of the ppl who replayed here and complain are not productive members, some are problematic, other' just reply for get a huge # of replys.

the forum is dead because the lackof good content on posts, stupid games, and trash personal users threads turn this forum into a no appreciable place to be . also ppl farming reps, or spamming forum make new users and current ones leave forum.

i haven posted for 5 days, and in those five days only trash content was posted, and only useless personals threads were bumped to top.

again a huge amount of complainers in this thread or your ideas, were participates into the trash content and the low quality activity the forum had.

others users came to make threads about personal issues against forum staff. but none of the complainers taht posted on your thread bring a quality content or a good thread in to forum .

i understand you, i really agree with you in alot of stuff u posted here, but the way to be taken is by privileges, instead of tags,

ppl do not value the open privileges they have since they join , because they dont have to earn nothing, we can see how many members have more reps than creators, thats just stupid, resp have not value here, look how many members have over 400 posts, and not even the 2% of those are quality or contribute in something to forum.

ppl think that express their personals opinions are not spam, well they are wrong, because if they reply ar not about the topic well siple math = spam, and those who say is not, are those who only spam forum, never go on topic, and only argue in their blind mind ,

so dont worry and dont argue with members that do not give a value to forum.

at least you try to suggest something, you tried to make a change instead of only complain.

look how ppl avoid to post on m y suggestions, but they are so hypocrite because they enjoy playing all the updates were done with the suggestions i made, and vets know that, look i suggested on beo1 gravity, were added till beo2 was released, beo1 y suggested the boxing glove in the spring, we have that, random gravity suggested on my thread ppl dig it so i pmed to admins and they added, same for skilled shot, and random platforms, and so many ideas i gave to the game, not for me , in a way to try to improve the game to make more ppl play it, same for forum , but almost all members are low iQ, as u can read it here . they complain but they never have suggested something before, or if they suggested they dont suggested something original, only a stupid think like change a color, or add both sex or stupdi things like that,

you take your time in a way to try to improve forum ,and suggested stuffs never were suggested before, also ppl dont understand that forum is an a extension of game, both belong together, just keep improving your idea, i m sure more vets support lots of ideas posted here but in other perspective, but dont waste your time in those who only complain ot think they know how this forum and comunity works,,
People on this forum are too quick to call things spam, you seem highly uneducated on that front.
Just because you disagree with someone and they keep putting arguments and/or suggestions forward does not mean they're spamming.

Now, personally I don't agree with Snitcher's idea(s) or his reasoning, but calling it spam is silly.

Also Troll, I know you tried to give this same lecture, but you're being hypocritical.
@Seshomaru I really liked your comment towards these 2. Most people say that I spam when most of the time I'm just giving my got dang suggestions/opinions...Smiley_Confused Smiley_Confused *shrug*.
(10-22-2014 08:41 AM)GoldenNightmareDragon Wrote: [ -> ]@Seshomaru I really liked your comment towards these 2. Most people say that I spam when most of the time I'm just giving my got dang suggestions/opinions...Smiley_Confused Smiley_Confused *shrug*.[/size][/b][/align][/font][/color]

by any chance, am i included in one of those "2"? if so then please do provide me a screenshot of me claiming that you are a spammer.
What makes you think I'm talking about you? Listen do me a favor and don't be jumping to conclusions, that's how people start judging others for FALSE things .-.. I'm done replying here cause I made my opinion/statement in my first reply on this thread...
there really isn't much people who replied in here and most of them pretty much spoils you and you can now finally understand how i felt on that yes or no thread when i was implying that it wasn't just you so thank you for getting warned with me on that regard, and thank you again for now, i do hope that you can keep it that way.
I guess lots of people still don't know the difference between being redundant (which is simply saying the same thing more than once -- doesn't add anything new to a discussion, but it's often a perfectly valid post nonetheless, because it expresses someone's reaffirmation towards an idea -- when not abused, that is) and spamming (which is clearly pointless and harmful towards any discussion). Being redundant is a minor hindrance at its most, and often not even that; spamming is a serious problem that generally requires moderation.

On the other hand, when I criticised swag's post initially, I got a PM from someone (won't say who to avoid more trouble) asking me to "not be hard on him" because this person had asked swag to make that post.
I should say that, if you're going to attack someone, and especially if you're going to wrongly accuse someone of something, you should at least do it yourself instead of getting someone to do so. I'm heavily disappointed in this, especially considering who sent that PM.
Just thought I could clear swag's name here.

PS: troll2's post seemed interesting, but I really have a lot of trouble reading through bad grammar, so I could barely make it through the first handful of lines. Anyone mind summarizing it or something?
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