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: Hey, today i bring an idea that is maybe very interesting(sorry for my english level, im spanish). I want to propose to create a Competitive and clan mode, Where you can earn differents divisions like: Iron, Bronze, Silver,Gold,Platinum and master for example. I based my idea on black ops 2, smite and League of Legends competitive mode, think about that and imagine how cool it can be Smiley_BigGrin
As cool as it would be, it would require a complete overhaul of the game. It's a lot of work to add something and make sure that it's not going to constantly glitch or have any major bugs, that's why we don't have the mobile version of BEO yet. They announced it a while ago and have been testing it for the past few weeks and there's still probably a week or 2 of testing before they feel comfortable about releasing it.
Smiley_Sad u think they will not do what i said ?
It's highly unlikely, in my opinion.
It's a pretty neat idea, just not something I can see being implemented.
I see this as a cool idea, But Smiley_Crying Yea Tenchi an Sesho are
But Smiley_ThumbsUp nice idea anyways dude Smiley_BigGrin.
I like your English level and the idea would actually be really cool, but like others have said, it would be very difficult for the devs to actually implement it.
I can't say I know how the Black Ops rankings work, but still, there's no way to implement that in BEO.
Keep in mind that clans aren't owned or controlled. You can set your clan tag to anything you want, and there's no restriction against that.

(Also, not being a native speaker would explain your poor sentence structure (this is expected), but not your careless typing. Things like "im" instead of "I'm", bad capitalization, or mis-spaced punctuation (which follows the same rules as in Spanish, mind you: you always add a space after a punctuation mark, and never before), don't come from your lack of fluence, but from careless typing. Focus on typing properly first, proper grammar will come to you at some point in time.)
I would like a lot this , but as said before its hard to be implemented on this game Smiley_Sad
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