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I am so bored. Is there anyone on the forums who'd like to play some beo with me? I'm so sick of playing 1v1 against noobs, its boring and annoying. So yeah, any one want to hit up a game with me?

(is this the correct section to post this type of post?)
Yes u can play with me.I WILL win from u easilySmiley_Tongue.

I dont play this game very much but i can win from u.Smiley_BigGrin
We should host forum games so there are no noobs ^.^ (more often anyways.)
Haha, smart. (20 character limit)
Sorry Plop I would say "Yes" if only I hadn't quit beo2...I haven't played that game in like well awhile now, mostly cause its boring me now Smiley_Confused.. .-. Sorry.
do u ever play [email protected]
plop i will play later or tomrzs if you want Smiley_ThumbsUp but watch out eggkiller is about Smiley_Devil
HK want to play?....

And yeah bro, you got the right section for this topic. Smiley_Smile
I'm bored too, I need to get ~4000 kills and I get only ~2 kills per day so it'd take 2000 days (~5.5 years) to get those kills.
@Toxic Waster 9583......Um..I hardly play beo2 at all anymore..I've quit, the ONLY time I play is like whenever someone asks me too..*also depending on my 'gaming mood; if I feel like playing that day or not'.
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