Full Version: Gender specific user titles and shells?
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So you know how there are user titles in BEO2 according to rank, and some are gender specific like, Omelette Prince, All The King's Men, etc.?

Well, being a girl it's a bit frustrating to be specified as a male in my user title, so why don't all the female egg shells have the ability to change the gender specified?

For example, if I were wearing the female baby shell, then my user title would change from Omelette Prince to Omelette Princess.
If I were still the male baby, it would remain as it is.

Sounds like a good idea, really. Always thought it was weird to see a girl as king!
I really like this suggestion Sesho an with your first hashtag I really liked it Smiley_ThumbsUp.
But tbh I'm not sure what other girls have a problem with it.
IK though that when I get tired an want to switch up my shells I sometimes put a female eggshell as my eggy avatar. BUT IK that I am NOT the first guy to do it because ik some bros/friends of mine who use the female eggs sometimes as their avatar in game.
Im not gonna dive into the tedious process of describing with excuisite words. So ill just say one thing, nice idea and i 'spport it.
Hmm GND you really seem interested in female shells. Is there a 'certain' personal reason for that o_O?
Soul, I was JUST STATING MY OPINION...I have "no certain personal reason for feminem eggshells" I was just giving my opinion about it, and saying that I know some brothers of mine who play beo2 who sometimes use female eggshells instead of the male shells Why some of my brothers do this? *shrug* I have no idea why don't you go ask for my description about it..maybe some of these bros are just sick an tired of using the male shells over and over again? I'm not sure, I CAN'T SPEAK FOR THEM .-. So idk.. . I FOR ONE have done that to, but it was in the past...I usually stick to one shell per a long time for now Smiley_Smile. And also what I was describing doesn't mean I was "interested" in me a favor Soul an DON'T go jumping to conclusions when someone was just giving their opinion. Actually as I think about this...I think I do remember ONE of my bros using a female shell to go trolling around the beo2 game with maybe that's the reason guys like using female eggshells??? To go trolling with in games?

Now back to topic, Sesho I do like your idea Smiley_ThumbsUp Like I said.
beo could ask during registration if player is male for female and then titles would be either king or queen etc.

nice idea anyways.
Its an interesting idea! I like what egg said about inquiry upon registration. But then would that remove male shells from your inventory? I'll totally support the idea if its something that many female gamers would appreciate, and not extremely tedious for those who have to implement it.
@Plop: for what I can read (and for what she told me when we were talking about the idea), what I figure this means is: if you have a male shell selected, you get the male version of the title (e.g. Omelette Prince); while if you select a female one, you get the female version (e.g. Omelette Princess). Changing the shell would change the title, of course. You wouldn't gain or lose shells.
@Inuyasha-Thanks! That's what I thought from reading it, as well. I was just wondering about what egg666 has mentioned about choosing a gender upon registration, but I think that would be less practical for what this post is aiming towards.
I think its a good suggestion.
nah, not removing male shells but titles would be female or male specifics.

less hassle than making those shell dependant for example ghost is gender neutral and same thing with zombie (when it comes).

hambo and rabbit shells are male shells and some boughtable shells are either male or non-gender.
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