Full Version: 2 minigames by Tim
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1 minigame can have multiple levels sorry its really hard to do this in practice.

1 minigame

Egg Hell!
Escape the 10 levels of Hell as an Egg! Once you have complete all of this you get a amazing prize! (Could be a cool badge)

[Image: UEMWThZ.png]
EDIT : OR start out with about 30 HP and try to run through it all!

First level (basic) you dodge when to go and not go. like red light green light
when fire comes STOP
when fire goes away GO
map is short so you cant jump but yea maybe each level can have obstacles and stuff!
its hard to explain..

and so is the next one kinda!

2nd minigame

You half to climb the dirtball (jump included, until level 5) and get to where you can get a clear shot of the egg. Each round you are givin 1 bazooka and the egg you shoot has 15 health you half to climb the wall till you get a clear shot of the shell.
Beat level 10 and you a badge (badge has a golden gun)
[Image: z1tEzJw.png]

these were hard to explain in some ways if you understand it you'll probably think its cool Smiley_Smile
1st minigame sounds too much of those stupid traffic games made.

2nd is decent although not sure how it'd work.
1- feel too tedious to explain the shortcomings. Just for the sake of getting a badge, too mainstream dont you think?
2.- This could work if there was a challenge or sumthing. Time limit? Limited amt. Of jumps? More rainbowwz?(irrevelant)
Good job making rainboyish threads.
its always nice to see someone try and dare to suggest, so keep trying, the ideas are not bad, just need more work, the concept is easy to understand and yes as a minigames could work between BEO2 players, .
Pretty much what troll said, the ideas aren't good as they are, but with some work and improvement they could turn into cool ideas.

The whole minigame concept might turn into something really good, especially when you feel like playing but you have to play by yourself (e.g., because your internet isn't working properly).
I do like the minigame concept, just not sure if what you've suggested is ideal.
I would have to agree with those above me. I do really like the mini-game idea, but I think the actual games would need a little more work, especially the first. Just seems to typical of a game. Its always nice to see suggestions, though.
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