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Hey guys so most of you know im like a nice guy and i like to ask question!! so i really like ask questions to everyone without going through trouble of PM and stuff Smiley_Tongue so i suggest a Open And Close for topic it would work like this

say i want to ask everyone how there day is?
i make a thread
"How is your day"
Open time (obvisouly now) "Now"
Close time "In 5 hours" or 10 or 24 etc but no more 3 days otherwise what post would stay for only 4 and might as well stay. this way they have time to answer and stuff. after you set a close time you cant change though.
i know we have option to delete but that only deletes your post.
so this "Open-Close" option could close thread. so say theres fighting itll close it!



So moderators have the power to close any thread. maybe we should have where the owner of the thread can close it, this way if its going crazy they can close it and wait for the people fighting to cool off. after a day or two open it back (only creator of post can do this)
This would be REALLY helpful in my opion like "I want to vs skilled players" that guy that created that should be able to close his for now untill that fight / off topic stuff dies down.

For your first idea, I don't think that's necessary. You could just create a 'game' thread, or a general thread for people to discuss how their day was; rather than someone perhaps making a new one each day and setting a close time. It just wouldn't work out and it would be more spammy than necessary. There's no need to close a thread unless it's not thread worthy in the first place.

Your second idea, it's a great idea in theory but I'm on a forum where this is practiced, and I can tell you there are cases where it certainly does not work out. People close their thread because they get butthurt at people disagreeing with them or just because they want to be a pain in the ass, or they open it after a Mod has closed it just because they didn't agree with it being closed or again, they just want to be a nuisance.
It's really annoying and I don't see any need for it. If there's a fight going on in your thread, report the posts.

Leave the Moderation abilities to the Moderators, I say.
I'll agree with the post above. 99% of the time a member closes their own thread, it's for a bad reason. Half those times the thread has to be reopened by a mod. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Also if you want to make a thread about "how's your day", why would you need it to be closed at all? I mean, the question is still valid, no matter in which day you see it...
^What the nerds said.
I also agree with ^^ In theory, maybe the ideas are good, but the problem is people. People are dumb, (especially the less developed, in which case it is not their fault.) You have to remember the world that we live in.
I feel like your first idea would just open up a lot of unnecessary spamming. Why not just create a general post?
Your second idea would just be missused. Someone creates a post, someone comments on it and the creator doesn't like it and closes it. If you're going to post something, you should be willing to deal with the responses it will create. suggestion I guess would be...Ummm...why couldn't you just make like a Journal Thread or like ask your questions to peoplez on there? Or something like that..instead of like making so many threads *an worrying about having to open/close them so often*?.
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