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Ever wanted to let your enemies know with a cheer when you defeat them, or when you do tons of damage in one shot!

Well that's the idea behind this.

In-Game Audibles

Every (paid for) Shell comes with it's own unique Audible. Whether it be a quirky saying, or a grumbly growl, or even a little chirp, everyone can experience a little extra pizzazz during the game. BUT you can only play the audible after you have done X amount of damage. (i was thinking like 75)
Then once you have done that amount of damage, you can use it right away, or save it for when a really epic shot happens.

The average person wouldn't be able to do but 1-2 at the most 3 audibles per game. It wouldn't be overboard with sounds and it would definitely make the game a bit more fun, and allows for a type of 'trash talk' that doesn't involve any trash talk.
Like when you level up for example?

That should be a fun idea , artic commando audible: BOOM HEADSHOT

the idea sounds fun, and yes could be a fresh break for game. so support the idea,

now important things should be taken in count:

-Huge % of players have mute the sound of game
-will be fun for a short time til sounds make you go crazy
-audio files usually are heavy concerning data/transfer so could bring lag

hope this help to improve your idea.


edited: one file or sound dont affect to much, but imagine 100 files or more plus the one we already have could bring more megas to load,
this I do approve vexis It would bring loads of fun too the game...I was thinking about maybe you could buy some customize audibles as well. like you type in a search bar "BOOM HEADSHOT" and it would come up with different voices and when you click it will come with a preview button then it would say "boom headshot" in let's say a morgan freeman voice then you click x and it will say buy NOW for only 5-10 credits then you buy it...If you understand
Troll, thanks for the suggestions oh man wow! I had not even thought about the size of the audio files.
Though most would only be 1 to 2 seconds long at most, i can't imagine it would take up 'that' much space. But I have no idea how much space is already taken up in the game. Or any of those types of details. *thinks heavily*
(10-02-2014 02:57 AM)Vexis Wrote: [ -> ]Troll, thanks for the suggestions oh man wow! I had not even thought about the size of the audio files.
Though most would only be 1 to 2 seconds long at most, i can't imagine it would take up 'that' much space. But I have no idea how much space is already taken up in the game. Or any of those types of details. *thinks heavily*

Having only one audible of 2-3 seconds each egg on evry match should be fine , shouldnt lagg .
Vexis your wasting your time.
As usual this is another great idea by a member but is ignored by the mods and admins like always. Take troll's suggestion thread for example. Such great suggestions and maps. But all to waste. Hell, check the whole suggestion thread instead.(yea yea i know a really tedious process.)
This whole suggestion section is pretty much pointless right now.
Anywayz my avatar will say: face tHE WRATH OF RAINBOOWZZ!!!

you do not lose anything trying it!, I saw Rob early , today reading this thread, so you never know, maybe he like the idea, or take it in consideration, and you never know, if a idea you post will become ture, look at the skill mode, random gravity and random platforms i suggested, i never give up, even pm rob with the ideas after posted it the thread, and the wish become reallity, so i know maybe ppl feel admisn dont take to much ideas , but they really are, just give them time.

back to topic
@ Vexis

maybe if u limit the amount of audibles like 10 -15 in total will be profitable based on data transfer , but i know it could be awesome have tons of audios on every special/epic mmoment.

now if u let me , i know i said i posted my last suggestion, but you in some how reactivete for a moment my brain, and creativity, so what about instead of audibles or besides the audibles, every shell have a kill visual effect? or when u flawless got a kill visual & sound effect? just to give an example remmebr for those of old school who played mortal kombat, u got special effect on flawless victory's or every character had a special kill effect

i know this could increase the size on mg of the game, but maybe if its worked by single sprites per effect could be profitable as the sounds
I understand where you are coming from. 98.9% of all of the suggestions are not implemented into the game. But lets face it, we aren't writing the code for it. And there are TONS of suggestions. And plenty of good ones. No matter how many suggestions i post that never get recognized, i will still continue to post more as i think of them because you never know what you can do, unless you try. If you never try, then you will never do anything.

Okay, alright i follow you. And you're right there are a lot of shells to which would mean a lot of audibles. But to go along with your idea, how about the final blow to your enemy gives you a different animation depending on what type of weapon you use to kill them with? I'm not sure, it sure does sound like a lot of work. Animation is much more tedious to do than audio.

The real reason i suggested the audibles, was to give a player a sort of 'bragging' ability. Without have to use any words that could end up being hurtful, rude or personal attacks. Which as we all know only creates more animosity.
With an audible though.....there is no direct insult from one to the other, other than the fact that *OH! you just got hit with 163dmg* (2 players in a corner) And then Bam! Someone sets their audible off. It's kind of like a harmless kick in the teeth.

But man! The way me and you can feed off each others ideas is insane. We should aspire to be idea board directors for Apple LoL
Sounds like a nice idea!

And as for whether or not the idea will be noticed, it doesn't hurt to put it out there. Smiley_Smile Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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