Full Version: pls upgrade/update ignore list if possible. ty
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so i just literally tried using ignore list for the first time ever since i entered netlandia (i never thought in my whole time spent in net lalaland will i ever try and even think about of using such a feat) and so far i am quite pleased with it, but i feel that it can use some bits of improvements like as this one since the whole usage of ignore list option comes with its own cons:

the ignore list states that:

To ignore posts and private messages from specific users, enter their username below. You can separate multiple names with a comma.

which it did, and now the posts of those people (that i deem unnecessary and pointless) that i want to completely ignore and not have any stupid and useless argument with since they won't listen anyway are shown like this:

The contents of this message are hidden because (the annoying bugging and growing cancer bug) is on your ignore list.

this is where the improvement of suggestion comes in.

why can't i just completely have there names out of my own forum screen? i obviously want to just completely ignore them, not see them, and have nothing to do with them since they want to keep on being stupid and not have any meaningful and useful which will be meaningless and useless arguments against them since there's no helping them, its just plain hopeless.

this is where the consequence of the ignore list comes in.

obviously when you can't see their posts you clearly have no idea if they're going to post something against you or if they post on your own topic. which shouldn't matter since you have ignored them, but so then why can i still see there names at the very least and can't just completely ignore them by making them completely invisible.


less raging, pointless arguments, and childish fights will be lessened (which shouldn't even begin with if those people are capable of thinking anything else aside from themselves) overall a better and peaceful community.

curiosity of what those annoying and growing cancer bugs posted or those that others have on there ignore list will not occur since you can't see them at all.

curiosity out of a post can still attempt users to open and read them then have the possibility of a pointless argument to break out.

with the limited time of the admins/mods have in moderating this forum this suggestion can help give them at list a bit of ease and a bit more air for themselves.


since they are invisible a topic can and might also get derailed, but i don't see that happening often, probably in forum games where you have to comply mostly to the poster above you.

this is the only cons that i can think of at the moment, but i don't think that it can be a big deal.

if so then just have them visible in that certain section.

it is sad, but to some users there are those other users that certainly just needs to be ignored to avoid further arguments.
If I can just say something...this is the internet...yea sure you can try and get "rid of the problem" over the internet but in real life you are GOING to have these problems *or be around annoying people* for all your life..because there's annoying people out there in the real world that you can't get away from, I think kinda what I am seeing here is the fact of running away from your problem instead of fighting it. Cause honestly there is something called

*I don't give a damn about these annoying people so I will just ignore them from MY MIND and block them out,* ;*if I get reported for this well..I'm sorry I was just stating my opinion*

Cause what I just explained up there ^^ that's what I'm doing now Smiley_Wink Smiley_Smile have a nice day. *I'm saying that I have ppl on ignore right now because idc what they say at all is what I'm trying to get at*.

But I also see where you are coming from an getting at, I think I would like this too...I mean yea seeing their name everyday gets to be bothersome...I guess..
i am pretty sure that my life is doing very well, thank you very much for your concern.

as for the problem, the problem is that some people can't try to ignore some posts and as a result they end up insulting each other back and forth. this is currently happening on certain topics in clan chat and general discussion. 2 opposite sides just can't seem to agree and get along so pretty much the solution is to completely ignore them by using ignore lists and have them completely invisible.
It's actually a very well thought out idea. I could see some people taking advantage of an "upgraded" ignore list, but you're right to point out that you'd potentially miss out on some great threads/posts.

It would benefit in that there wouldn't be as great a need for mediators and/or moderators, Golden. Although I don't ignore anyone, I know that I can't speak for everyone on the subject. What I can do is look at it from the point of "how could this benefit me if I were to use it".

Although I don't like the idea of missing out on insightful threads/posts, it's better than the alternative of seeing spam-rage posts on threads.
it is just also an option that they can turn on and off so if they're feeling angry then turn it on and if they feeling nice then turn it off. anything that can help people be more civilized even behind their keyboards.
An on an off feature ignore option.......WOW..that actually sounds pretty cool Smiley_BigGrin.
Smiley_ThumbsUp i'd go for that option.
it is already. i just want it to be improved to the point that if any users wants to put those other users that he wants on their ignore list then those certain users will become completely invisible on there own accounts.
Yes I agree. I can still see them posting and that's annoying. And also, it would be great if this was also for threads too. 100% invisible would be amazing.

(And I'm sure this will not happen sadly)
(09-27-2014 02:32 AM)Z-Gamer Wrote: [ -> ](And I'm sure this will not happen sadly)

unfortunately, this might be a fact, but who knows? maybe it might? nah, who am i kidding.
Just want to start off by saying that I really liked your description; "the annoying bugging and growing cancer bug."
Was pretty funny to me.

Anyway, I can see how this would be useful, but due to the issues it can also cause (like removing a lot of context and possible information in a discussion), I'd rather this be an optional addition when ignoring someone.
Since maybe when ignoring someone you might not mind seeing their posts on the forum, you just don't want them to be able to contact you.
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