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Welcome to my CRACKING weapon's thread where I will update my thread every so often of a NEW wacky weapon what will make you scream with astonishment so place your eye's on this new EPIC thread the weapons won't be boring*yawn* they will be fun and amazing to have in the game maybe some might be OP but never mindSmiley_Tongue So let's get cracking! :0

The Bouncing Elephant-We have falling elephants we have the floating elephant but we don't have the BOUNCING elephant on the game! and basically this weapon will be a BIG elephant what whenever it steps on the egg or near the egg it makes a thunk noise and sends the eggs into the air so you could land anywhere on the terrain but if it's direct hit it's 10 damage or if your close by and it stump's it's 5 damage and it would make a bit of terrain damage the elphant will take 5-6 steps forward or it will randomly come back towards you when it gets to the end it goes off the screen with smoke...If you support this weapon tell me why Smiley_Wink

The flying squirrel- This weapon is simple you basically throw the squirrel and it glides for 10 seconds you control where it goes but it only goes left and right so i recommend shooting top right of your screen so you've got height for it to glide so it can't go up or down only left and right and if it hit's the egg it's a 15-20 damage hit. It depends what settings you use(skill mode 20) comment what you like about this weapon and whySmiley_XD
not getting difference between direct/near hit and step/near hit.
This sounds like a cool new weapon, and I support it Smiley_BigGrin.
Why? Well because yes I agree with you *We have the floating elephant and the falling elephants* Its about time we get a new elephant weapon Smiley_Tongue. Lol. Smiley_XD. But I guess maybe since I quit beo2...maybe this idea wouldn't count? Smiley_Confused...
This do sound like a interesting weapon that i would love in game.

Just a few things, how is it used (press space and it appear in a random spot?), how many steps do the elephant take and how do it end (blows up sending little peaces of elephant all over the map?)?
i think that elephants are a bit overused now.
new weapon coming soonSmiley_Wink

pSmiley_Confused yes i will update the BOUNCING elephantSmiley_Tongue
read my new weapon what i put on my thread it's called the flying squirrelSmiley_BigGrin
there was in beo1 some weapon similar like that squirrel.
Flying squirell should have 26-27 health decrease..

Btw nyc idea
rep up
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