Full Version: Rainbownartia weapons(Update yay!)
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In short, meaning my weapons suggestions theread

1. Grenade launcher.

I know grenade launchers have been suggested quite a few times before but heres my specific detailed version. Smiley_XD

The launcher will fire 5 projectiles, which will blink with a red light. On impact, each projectile will bounce once and stick to whatever it hits. The projectiles will be a little spread out from each other, making the weapon hard to shoot.
Each projectile will cause 9 damage, making up for the difficulty.
MAX damage:45

2. Sword of mysteries.

On pressing space, The sword will bash an enemy four times. Upon the fouth swing, the sword will lauch the egg a little bit above the ground, giving the player a chance to manually swing the sword by pressing space.Now this is the part where luck comes in. If the player is lucky the sword will deal 15 damage to the egg and make it fly to the other side of the map. If he's unlucky, well the sword will explode(lol wut) dealing 5 damage to enemy, and 25 damage to player.

Each auto bash causes 5 damage, meaning 35 damage lucky damage and 25 unlucky damage.

3. Discs of Awesomeness

All right so here the egg will fire like 40 small saucers. When a saucer passes over an egg, it will shoot a blue laser which causes one damage, the saucer has to be really close to the egg to shoot. Each saucer can fire maximum up to two lasers. No saucer will shoot the same egg twice. All the discs will vaporise upon hitting the ground. A saucer which hits an egg after running out of ammo wont cause any damage. All the saucers will be pretty spread out from each other.

4. ONE Cube.

So this is just a small, black cube made of polished marble. Smiley_XD. Upon impact the cube becomes larger and three sides of the cube (left, top and right) attract three eggs on each side. Doesnt even matter if its friendly. When all three eggs are in contact, the cube will let out a blueish emp-like explosion dealing 5 damage to each egg. Now comes the fun part. After the eggsplosion, whatever the victim egg does, the opposite happens. Like if he aims to the right, he will shoot to the left and same for SHOT POWER! Fun huh?

So ill update this later when my brain becomes even more wackier. Ciao then.
1. I think the projectiles should probably do a little less damage (maybe 8? Might stretch to 9, but 9 seems a bit too much), but otherwise seems interesting.

2. 35 damage on a lucky shot, and nothing (25 to opponent but 25 to yourself cancels out to nothing) on an unlucky one? This is a bit too weak. I think that on the unlucky fifth shot, nothing should happen (so the total damage would be 20 to opponent and nothing to self).
Hmm youre probably right about the grenade launcher. Allright ill go ahead and give the weapon 9 damage to each projectile. But u know that the paper plane causes 50 damage and is kinda easier than this weapon. Just sayin.

And about the sword, thats the exact purpose of this weapon lol Smiley_Smile
Nice suggestion i like it Smiley_Tongue
Thank you for your feedback Smiley_Smile
Btw who made that sig of yours? It looks really cool.
not bad ideas Smiley_ThumbsUp try to suggest more Smiley_Smile
Thank you Smiley_Smile
New weapons coming this week. Smiley_BigGrin
Update one is out. Please do check them out lol.
cube is nice suggestion, saucer is just weird.
I know lol. I intend them to be weird.
Thanks for your feedback though.
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