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i believe that this is very important. there are some users out there that somehow has the feel and the urge of entitlement to post on every single topic there is. it wouldn't be a problem if the posts relates to the topic and makes sense, but most of it does not. even if these users gets continually warned they don't seem to care about it since there are levels of warning which unless you reach 100% you're going to still be allowed to post so the solution that i have in mind is to limit the number of posts every user can make per day or is it implemented already? i can not confirm this on my own since there is no way that anyone could. besides, there is no way that most users of this forum will actually post more than the limit of whats going to be granted.


less spammers - let say you are only allowed to have 10 posts a day. that means there are only 10 posts that can be made by those spammers a day.

less useless posts - 10 posts means that they will be forced to only make posts that may seem valid and make sense. automatically less pain in the a.

cleaner, more oriented, and more organized forum - << speaks for itself.


i do not have any so far. i believe that 10 posts a day is enough. 10 posts can definitely make a decent conversation.

well, let me know what you all think.
It actually would cause more problems than it solves. The biggest thing against it is that if there's been 9 suggestions, and I commented on all of them, then this would be my last one of the day. Then you run into the scenario of people posting threads asking for help. If I know the answer to their question, and other people are saying things like "that's something I've been wondering too", then how could I answer them without having to send several PMs?

As for the "useless posts" and spammers there'd be just as many as before, and you then have to decide what a "useful" post is to everyone. This is something that is dynamic and can't be determined.

Ultimately, this won't get much support because it places restrictions on those of us who are responsible and mature members of the BEO community.
then they can increase the number of posts that can be made when new topics are made. you yourself according to your account does not exceed 2 (1.17 posts per day | 1.38 percent of total posts) posts per day. the pointless spammers exceeds what they have in account by 5 and these rates i believe are ratio based right? there aren't much users that asks and suggests anyway. usually like you said so yourself, you only come out if issues arise or in suggestions, and questions. i currently do not see this as a problem for you and now the suggestion will also have an increase of allowed post every time a new topic will be made, maybe 3-5 for the benefit of at least having a decent discussion. the ultimate goal is to limit these pointless & useless posts/posters abilities to enhance everyone's forum use.


lol, out of everyone that voted, you the only one that did not give any yet is the only one that explained why he declines. =))
I would have replied. I just assumed tenchi would reply. My reasons of why not supporting the idea are the same as his.
I guess tenchi summed it up well enough, so there's not much need for elaboration... but since you want some of it, let's try.

You pointed out the posts per day count. I personally have 3. Does that mean I make exactly three posts every day? Of course not. You're missing the concept of an average here. 3 is the average amount of posts I've made in a day. Some days I don't post at all, and I've posted well above 15-20 posts in one day, as well.

Contributing users of any forum are, generally, also the ones that post the most. That's really what "contributing" implies. Sure, spammers post a lot as well; but those are small bursts.
So, by limiting the amount of posts someone can make in a day, the ones you're hurting the most are the contributing users. Some of them would probably flat out leave, and the rest would have to think every time they are about to make a post if they want to have one taken off their alloted quota.
In the end, what that causes is that the contributing users of the forum stop contributing. Spammers would simply spam their 10 a day -- contributing users would stop posting to avoid reaching the limit.

Everything else has already been said, really. I stand really strongly against this idea, and I think many others do as well -- the poll shows that clearly.
which i already rebutted against. i truly believe that 3-5 more additional posts per new topic is way more that enough to have solve anything, express an opinion, strike up a good conversation, post casually, and prove a point for at least a day. e.g. tenchi - he can pretty much give an accurate 1 reply to any question, give a response convincing to everyone, and mediate any thing that can result to flame.

3-5 more + the 10 that will be given per day, those are already a lot to have to be able to do all those stuffs that i mentioned above. obviously, post allowance may increase in according to the devs/mods decision prior to members inflation.

or we can have this limit given to every current users and upcoming new users so that then later the devs/mods can dismiss those limits to anyone that may seem to have earned it and have their post limits revoked. given that if those that has been picked somehow abuses the new posting privileges that they've been granted then they will have the punishment of having their posting limits be diminished more than the allowed post per day or worst, a perma ban for trampling the trust of the authority in which i highly doubt will happen. i don't think that the ones in charge will just carelessly/casually pick anyone of granting such reward.

as i said on my other post. anything that can diminish useless post and force quality or on topic post towards every user will be the final goal of this suggestion.

unless there are other ideas out there in which we are obviously all excited to further discuss. anything that can be implemented against those useless bugs.


and exactly as you said, there are days that you do not post at all, but somehow those guys posts nonchalantly everyday. even if they have nothing good to say and doesn't know how things exactly work, somehow they just feel entitled to voice out these useless opinions instead of not just posting at all. it just doesn't make any sense. obviously, those guys aren't contributing anything, they are just clearly flat out spamming. anyway, what do you guys suggest we do to lessen those pests?
Actually i posted a lot too but i dont see why should we have a limit of posts , a spammer is a spammer , mods should take care more

^^^ I agree with Crocus. Smiley_RockOn Smiley_ThumbsUp.
i support this

along time ago , on new forum begings, i suggested to revoke posting threads,to all members, and limit replys per 5 to 10 per day, posting in this forum should be something ppl should earn , we have tons of spammers, ppl keep posting out of the correct areas, even new members came to post new threads that already have been suggested, ppl shoudl learn to use the forum correctly before they begin to post and earn the privilege of making their own threads and even of reply.

we have tons of spammers, and usless posters in this forum, (not names to avoid problems but just look at the amoutn of posts /days they have) overposting its a problem, and become annoying to almost everyone except those who reply on everysingle thread the forum have.

if we cant limit the amount, staff should look at those who have more than 15 replys per day, or speccialy to those who replay on continues way to every top thread on all subforums sections.

just looks previous replys are spam, and became for useless members that should be permament banned, 2 previous replys are the perfect example,of sapm and of memebrs that shoudl have revoked all forum privileges, and just make forum experience worst,

the forum is already dead, almost all content its trash, ppl are quoting everything just to reply i agree, i liek it , no, mmmh, and stupid faces cus they dont have the minimum iq to post a correct reply, mageg limited to 50 the minimum words to be a valid reply, but quoting turn that option usless,

so i agee wit you, sadly forum have more spammers than ppl who care about the quality instead of quantity.
I agree with this idea,it should be only 5-6 posts per day so SOMEONE can't write too many stories on here Smiley_Wink
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