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maximum turn match is when a random number of turns is set for both players, both players get the same amount of turns but is randomized every match. then the player with the most health or team will win once all the turns for every player is over. it is not a pro option game but it costs 50 credits.this game mode will be in a game pack with other game modes and like i said, the pack will cost 50 credits. their can be other packs with different game modes, but im not sure what they can be. thanks for your time.

im still werkin on it :3
Unfortunately, this couldn't work. The minimum number of turns needed to win a match would be 2 (this assumes a perfect shot with whirligig). Knowing that, there's the possibility that you would encounter a "no-win" scenario in which it's 2 turns and no whirligig or other 50+ damage weapon.

Additionally, you could get the exact weapon(s) you need, but the health could be at 150 or 200 and still only 2 turns. Granted you said that this would be part of a pack, the players with pro would set the health that way. The ultimate result would be a huge increase in drawn/tied matches and many people losing their win streaks and various other statistics would be greatly and negatively affected.
The main issue I see with this is stallers. Get a 1 point advantage and simply stall the game -- that's what would many people would do.
well i think that it will choose fair weapons for everyone and no o.p weapons.

and people who stall will get shot at and lose
That still doesn't address the number of turns, really.

You're still leaving it as a potential of 2 turns for an entire match. If you only give "fair" weapons, then what about the new players who join matches without any of the unlockables. This means that the most you could really do is 96 damage on 2 perfect shots with the mortar.

Let's assume then, that you're level 20 with packs and you're facing a level 10. For it to be "fair", you'd have to disable the packs, which would be unfair to you. That leaves you with the mortar as the most powerful weapon available to you. Now let's assume that the level 10 person is just as/more skilled than you are. You both have 2 mortars, and you both do the max of 46 damage with each shot. An instant draw and an instant drop in your stats plus the loss of your win streak.

Now let's change that a bit. You don't have any mortars, he hit's you 1 time, you use a triple x. The difference is 10, but you're out of "good" weapons and have to use a grenade. All he has to do is lob a bazooka at you and he wins.

Changing it again so that you can use pack weapons. You get 1 elephant and he's against a wall with bounce on. You do 50 damage and put him in a hole. All fairness is now gone because his mortar can't hit you where you're at. Knowing he can't hit you, what would be the point in shooting again? So you let your time run out and win by stalling.

Looking at those scenarios, it just goes that much further to prove that a game mode like this wouldn't work.
Let's assume that the amount of turns cannot be below 4, then? (Or 5?)
It's a good idea theoretically, but I can't see it working out for the reasons already mentioned.
I don't think we need new game modes anyway, I like it all the way it is. This just seems a bit complicated to me.
it's a okay idea, but I don't approve it will just be too over complicated for the game to be honest.

hope to see more off your threads though Smiley_ThumbsUp
in theory decent idea but like others have said it wouldn't work since there is no easy way to make it equal (for example map is pumpkin and 1st player (on top) shoots with big boom or dfa or air strike other player (middle or bottom of wall) so that player would have some difficulties to get proper shot with whirly/mortar and player on top would just need to throw dynamite and other player would be in hopeless situation) or fair (except if both players shoot at the same time and moving isn't allowed until turn 2 but that'd be silly and against nature of beo).
Good idea, but i think this never be work.
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