Full Version: Slim's Skill Shots (Episode 2)
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Decided to make my own little montage of shots. Not the best but they're pretty good.
*If the video looks like it's lagging, it's because my game was lagging when I recorded some of these*
Hope you enjoy.

Episode 1

Episode 2

nice vid slim , nice skills, glad to see u really back and more active than ever!
Thanks troll2. But after this week don't expect me to be as active. I was out this week from football with a concussion and return in a couple of days.
Nice video Slim, congrats! Smiley_Smile
nice compilation of loop shots Smiley_BigGrin keep it up.
Thanks Ray and SenSei. I'll be trying for more crazy bounce shots like the first clip in the video.
Hehe nice so pro, The first shot was actualy random or did you aimed it? I need to try looping Smiley_BigGrin congratz again Smiley_Tongue
Thanks. The first shot was a bit of both. I saw the wind and aimed at the hill thinking the wind will take it and it might bounce a couple times for a really cool shot. I didn't expect that to happen though.
Nice video slim keep it up Smiley_Smile
I'm FAMOUS!!! Smiley_XD Smiley_XD Jkjk Nice video bro Smiley_ThumbsUp keep it up and LOL. My conversations last night were MEH Smiley_XD
LOL I was tired and hungry don't judge Smiley_XD.
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