Full Version: Hacker
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I dont even know where to begin :/..............

I couldn't type, I couldn't move,I kept going in and out of the terrain, my dfa shot was at nearly full power and dropped in front of me like it had no power, and people were getting kicked one at a time.

I'd put alot of money on that SpeedoTheWolf guy as the hacker( he broke their shiny game), he was the only new addition to that lobby that game and things just happened to screw up :I .

I didnt manage to get it all because it happened so fast but hopefully something can be done about him.Also I assure you, its not my connection.This is the first time its happened.
Thats just massive lag of sorts anyways since the last update iv experienced very similiar things its not a hacker. Its just a glitch best fix is restart browser and start again.
Yeah, looks like something got very messed up in that game but it's unlikely to have been a hacker.
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