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Okay so I have and idea that may have been mentioned in BEO1.
Yes, a Zombies Mode.
It will have its own game modes and leaderboard as Multiplayer does.
How to play:
The way to play is that every game will have different amounts of Zombies ranging from 10-100. Zombies will come from both sides at the speed you would like.

*All ammo is not unlimited. You get one ammo per Zombie*( Once you run out of ammo and there are still Zombies, you have to run up and knife them*)

Zombie Game Modes that it could have:
-Speed Mode= Medium(less XP), Fast(regular XP), Extreme(double XP)
- PrisonBreak= Zombies try to get to you while all you can use is a shotgun.
-Eclipse= You get to use just a throwing knife
-Resurrection= You get one life extra after you die but you lose all your ammo and have to knife only.
Users ideas:
Infection: you will play as the Zombie and all other eggs will spawn at different places. Speed eggs on and you try to infect the most eggs as possible. -Sensei101

Thats all the Modes I can think of right now. I may add more later as I think about it.
So far I think those are good.

Now, the leaderboard will be divded up into: Levels, Wins, Zombies Killed and XP Earned.

Now since I am not good enough to make an actual Zombies game format, I have decided to show you a "Sneak Peak" of what the Leaderboard looks like.

Then "Zombies Mode" itself will be up to the way the Donkins decide to have it (if they do decide to have it)

Polished Version:
[Image: apgs5g.png]

I hope you like it! I spent a lot of time making the leaderboard, I hope you like it!! Smiley_Smile

Please, criticism that will help me or benefit the idea is allowed!

Also, I want you to suggest some game modes that would be cool!

Updates: Launched Zombies Mode Ideas - Added SenSei101's idea for game modes. Leaderboard and made some changes to it. Responded to everyone's comments so far. Thanks for replying so far and supporting this if you did! Added new idea. Unlock nEW weapon for multiplayer after completing Zombies mode. Fixed some bugs in Update
-changed the last update to instead of "unlocking NEW weapon in Multiplayer, you will get it in the actual ZOmbies mode"
i can suggest more modes
zombi infection - will play the part of zombi & all the other eggs will spawn at different places,
1st game mode will be like temple run game on mob. where Road will be in constant loop.
you just have to use W,A,D key to infect other eggs, with speed mode on, how many eggs you can infect in given time that will be your record.

2. If you know some old games on old consoles like Bomber man,pacman. same map could be made & you can infect
different eggs ;D mode can be like old Donky kong game play where all different eggs will come down to kill zombi you just have to survive.
I like it! If it's okay with you, I will add it to my first post later and give you credits for the idea. Thanks for posting and thanks for taking your time to suggest a game mode.
its ok no problem i will suggest more if i think any..
Wow; is that me in 16th place??? That is the only time I will see my name on the leaderboard!
The zombie game modes sound interesting; I think it would be great fun
The zombies we have killed...its over 9000!!
Update: A new Polished Version of the Leaderboard. You may notice some small changes as well as a big change in the lower part. I hope you like it even more!
[Image: apgs5g.png]

Sounds great! I am a big fan of zombies Smiley_Smile
I'm not sure if I like it, but it would be a new big thing to the game anyway. If it's separated from normal game, then I can't say no.
HEY! why am i 7th in the LB! I should be first! I am a zombie beast!
lol jk Smiley_Tongue cool idea, seems funny Smiley_Tongue
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