Full Version: Mortar, Bring the rain, grenade launcher bug
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Whenever you fire these three weapons and get it to where the explosion should blast, the projectiles do not expload out and the weapon only does 9 damage. Example. each of these weapons when fired full blast at close damage before the time expires does 10 damage. but make an excellent shot and hit the target when the explosion is happening, only 9 damage is recorded instead of 9+12+12+12 for mortar.
It looks like what's actually happening here is the projectile is hitting the egg at the exact same time that it is due to explode. There's a small bug in that case that means that it may not do the full amount of damage but you are still just slightly too late in this situation and the secondaries will not deploy so it's not actually a perfect shot. I will fix this anyway though so that it does do the full 10 damage for hitting the egg.
it seemed like in the old build. getting 10+12+12+12 was actually essy so the blast range was scalled back a bit. and i moved in pixels at a time to see if i could still achieve that prized perfect 46, but with no luck. it seemed as though 8+36 was about the norm and sometimes i could score a 9+36. even when the egg remained still, no force egg, it would very from 8+36 to 9+36. but move in another pixel and then it was just 9. Never 10+36
Today I was able to hit someone with mortar and get 46 damage; it was at close range. It seems that unless your shot is absolutely perfect, you cannot get 46 at a long distance. Though I don't know if I would consider that a bug.
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