Full Version: Player Control Error.
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There is an error with passing control over to another player in a particular situation. I came across it in a game were it lead to my team winning but to be honest it was unfair.

If you are dead and your last surviving teammate quits it awards the game to the other team without allowing you to control your teammate and play on as normal. Has anyone else experienced this bug?
That situation has not arisen in gameplay for me, but it is definitely something that should be fixed. I will watch out for this to see if it was a one time thing or it's a constant thing.
It's probably not considered a bug. I mean, you ARE dead, right? So why should the game give the reigns over to you? Sure, it's unfair that the other person leaves, but it is seen as he is the last player standing, so when he leaves, the game should be awarded to enemy team.
This has been fixed in the latest update. It was something that I overlooked but yes I agree that if there is still someone able to continue the fight then they should be given the chance to finish it.
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