Full Version: Pro is too much
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In beo1 it was 100, but now its 200 in beo2 and most people agree with me in beo1 and beo2 think about this...Smiley_Smile
Am I missing something, or is there not a suggestion to be found? This should be in general chat.
I'm saying that to make pro cost less
"Why lower the cost" is the real question here. BEO2 is not the same game as BEO1, therefore the same "rules" don't apply.
yes i agree with you pro is need alot credit
200 credit is very alot
beo2 pros have more game options than beo1 pros had.

True. but BEO1 had the creative map option. And a lot of people like that.
That is true,the creative map option was really great!
yea and that creative map option was abused quite a much.
Not saying this idea is impossible, but you need to consider something else.

How should they do with the players that did pay 200 credits? Return some money?
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