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The BIG, BAD, Idea Thread!

More to come, don't worry!


Skeleton Egg -
Old legend says, he's been cracked twice. The bones and the egg.

Zombie Egg -
Careful, it's in love with yolk.

Slendegg -
Whatever you do, don't look at his face. Wait, does he even have a face?

Alien Egg -
Loves capturing eggs, AND CRACKING THEM!


Jack-In-The-Box -
Places an evil jack in the box on the ground, it then hops around and explodes on the enemy if they come in contact. Or explodes automatically after 5 seconds.


Eggville -
Just a regular farm, full of eggs!

Game Modes:

Dark Mode -
Everything is dark, all you can see is yourself. Though when shooting a weapon, wherever it detonates/explodes reveals the area until the game ends.

Boss Mode -
1 Egg is the boss, the rest are normal eggs. The boss egg has bonus health and has to kill the rest. The normal eggs cannot kill each other and have to work as a team to defeat the boss egg!

No-Pack Mode -
Packs are not allowed in this mode.

Water Mode -
After each turn the water slowly rises up. When it completely covers a player they start to take fatal damage each turn until they die. The water never goes down and cannot be stopped.

Gravity Mode -
Each turn, you have the option to turn the gravity on or off.


Custom Map System -
Enables you to create your own maps and release it to public!

Ranked/League System -

Ranked/League Matches.
When you reach a curtain level (a high one Smiley_Tongue), you have the option to join ranked/league matches. Here, everyone competes to get promoted to higher tiers and become the best of the best.

In Ranked/League matches you get promoted to higher tiers, this determines your skill level. To get promoted you need to hit 100 points, you earn points by winning matches against fellow egglings in ranked/league matches. You also lose points when you lose, but you usually lose half the amount of points you would get when you win.


1. Diamond Egg (Best of the Best)
2. Gold Egg
3. Silver Egg
4. Bronze Egg

When players first start ranked, they start in the Bronze Egg Tier. Also, when getting promoted to a new tier, they start at 0 points again.

Private Chat System -
Send messages to friends outside of the match!

Leaderboard System -
Who's at the top? The leaderboard shows the top *Insert number here* best people in BEO2!

Spectator System -
Watch people play? Yes please!

Campaign System -
The campaign contains a certain amount of custom maps that contain no real players, only the computer.

Share Maps System -
Gain the option to send your custom map to certain people. You also have the option to make it so they can/cannot share that specific map to others.


Beta Tester's Treat -
People who login during the beta version of BEO2 get rewarded something special. Perhaps an egg, a weapon, a map? Comment below what you think they should earn!

More friends -
Increase the limit of how many friends you can have!

Fall Damage Option -
Falling from a high height makes the player take damage depending on how high they fell from.

Manual Start Option -
Have the option to start games manually.

Mobile BEO2 -
Play BEO2 on your mobile phone? Yes please!

Dummy Customization -
Gain the option to customize the dummy in practice mode with new hairstyles, costumes and accessories.
Interesting post
I support the Spectator system; but only if all players give their consent. There could be a box they can tick in the lobby (yes or no to spectators) and if all players give the 'yes' call, then spectators are fine.
New shells naturally will come later anyway. The modes you suggested were in my mind for beo1 but left the game before post it, so, you may guess I really like them. The dummy customization, well, that's why there are eggs for sale, so sorry but I don't aprove it.
Fall damage? Yes! Perhaps it could be enabled together with explosion force. And one thing that would really complement it would be if two eggs can not be in the same position (collision physics suggested for beo1 also). If we're gonna make it, lets make it complete.
Unfortunatly, you didn't put multiple choice in poll, so I only voted for new modes.
I support your ideas and your way of describing them but Dark Mode has been mentioned before by me.
But no problem!
Nice ideas.
I suported your game modes.
I like your ideas, they are interesting. I'm also glad to see that my spectator mode suggestion was there as well Smiley_Smile Unfortunately the Donkins said that they might not bring back custom made maps into this game.

On a side note, why does this have 1 star?
Sad to hear that, but there were the pros and cons about having custom made maps.
I guess some of the cons can ruin the game for many.
Well, the brigth side is... no more trap maps! That is enough to accept it for me.
It's as good as bad, no more flat maps, no more trap maps... But also, no more fun building our own maps.
Most of your ideas, I like very much and I think that one day they will do it in the game.

Eggs - I like descriptions and names you just need to do their photo and show us how they look.

Weapon - You should do prt scr of this weapons and write about DMG

Map - I like your idea for the map

Game modes - from this I like only no packs mode

- Custom Map System - about this idea I already written, and I hope they gonna make soon
-Ranked/League System -I think that this idea will not work
-Private Chat System - I like this idea
-Leaderboard System - Everyone writes about it, and they will do something
- Spectator System - pretty interesting idea but not now so maybe in a year or two Smiley_Smile
-Campaign System - as the title suggests this is a online game and you only play with the players from the world
- Share Maps System - I don't like this idea sorry


Beta Tester's Treat - good idea and should be a reward for playing the beta for example, some credit, new egg, cool comment or new weapon.something special thats only players who play beta will have it
- more friends - good idea
- Fall Damage Option - very good idea and should be introduced this idea before the end of beta
- Manual Start Option , mobile BEO2 , Dummy Customization - I dont like these ideas

Thanks matthew0000 Smiley_BigGrin
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