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I like your ideas Smiley_Smile The only two things that I'm not as strongly in support for is the gravity mode and dummy customization. It's not that I don't like your idea, it's just simply that gravity can be turned on or off from the start of the game, so I don't know if it's neccessary to do during the game. In regards to the dummy customization, I just don't feel that it is neccessary, because the purpose of practice mode and the dummy egg is to practice shooting. For the manual start, I think it would be okay if all eggs said ready and there was still time left in the timer before the game starts. I've thought about mentioning the addition of a mobile gaming option before, but I'm not completely sure if I would want it. While sometimes I would like to play on my phone when I do not have access to a computer, I fear that creating a mobile game playing option would cause a mass amount of lag within the game after the beta version ends. I wholly agree with the first two comments which were written by Birogrolph and Rata. Also, as you probably noticed, the Beta tester's treat was already added ^.^
The coolest thread of the world, to become look like the last sequel (BEO1) and something outcoming look likes, that need to become true
i liked your ideas Smiley_Smile i liked Spectator system and support it .
(11-08-2013 09:25 PM)Birogrolph Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting post
I support the Spectator system; but only if all players give their consent. There could be a box they can tick in the lobby (yes or no to spectators) and if all players give the 'yes' call, then spectators are fine.

but also i agree with Birogr.
As was mentioned before, this could never be implemented and would never work because it would cause too much lag. If you've got 10 people watching, then that's 10 extra people using system resources at the server level. It also takes away from the available game lobbies by concentrating people into existing lobbies.
This thread has been dead since 2013... Please don't do this.
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