Full Version: Random Box update - New unlock weapons system
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Random box -we already have penguins,knife,bouncing balls etc.

to add more fun how about switch weapons?

you will get your opponents all weapons for that round other guy will get yours that box will be in different color will change the whole game Smiley_BigGrin
will work in all mode 1v1,2v2,3v3 etc.
sound cool and most important fun, i could guess this will be random as the real box? not in everygame?, also could help to reduce the famous and lame excuse " you had good weapons i just had bad wepons" and box effect will remain till game ends? or only for 1 turn?

nice to see a real suggestion, its been a while i cant read a good and viable suggestion like this one.

and if u let me complement your idea, what about have another box, but instead work like we have one ( a lot of one same weapon) takes all wepons from the players and drop a cocktail of weapons.

heheh thanks troll2 Smiley_XD

idea will work same like any other random box or devs can make it available 2 times for evryday any random time for evryone it will only last 1 game till ends.

how this sounds? like ultimate box can change game mode too-> for wind & gravity no required to have pro?
you also suggested random mode but it didnt have specific execution i think box can do that what you think?
yeah, a box that changes game settings could be epic and one of the most fun things into the game, and u just makes my imaginations works,

for a box that change G : this will be on air and instead of be activated by press x , u had to hit it, coudl be with a weapons or even your enemy (using pan)

a box tht change wind (on /off or off/on) could be on air or ground could be activated by a wepon that its not affected by wind

a box that change walls / celling : could be hidden on walls /ground or air could be activated by jumping over it

a box to turn game into roulette: on ground and activate pressing r
yes this is exactly what we want in new box update,hope dev. make it happen,it will be epic fun.
yeah, hope donkins see this and add it to the game, we need more adds on and less shells and wepons for the moment
Pandora's box- if you open it random creature will come out for example bees will target either all eggs or
nearest one OR
if you remember grim reaper WEAPON from Beo1, it will work like that Box will have timer you just have to act fast, it could be added in special pack 9 may be
another idea you just have to throw box at your opponent, it will have timer again and any random creature will come may be group of spiders this time Smiley_XD

New update on Box idea
Special weapon unlock system-using Random Box
we get free weapons when we reach to certain lvl so suggesting different unlocking system ,game will have special weapons in order to unlock free, lets say for now to unlock fridge & popcorn from stash, each will have certain color code ,say 4 color's Red,Blue,Green,Yellow to unlock fridge weapon. We will have random box of same color too, when you find red box in game ,you have to reach there & unlock it &1 part gets unlocked out of 4 then you have to find rest of the colored box to unlock full weapon, its random box so i think ppl will be engage in game to collect all weapons to have complete collection also if you dont have time to look, you can buy directly from shop for certain amount of credits also as you unlock each color code, price will also decrease ;D
Nyc ideas as always

bt it will b nyc if we use ants in pandora box
as we have seen bees in beo1 also...
I like idea ,good job Smiley_Wink
thanks sam & vakson ;D
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