Full Version: Rob/John Thanksgiving Egg Shells Pack!
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Hey guys! This is the Ultimate Thanksgiving Thread! Here I will show you guys my Thanksgiving themed BEO2 egg shells. I hope you like them and would love to see something similar(if not these ideas) in-game as a Thanksgiving Update. I apologize for bad quality in advance. I didnt know how to enlarge the Egg and keep its original look. Sorry
Desc: Traveled with the Pilgrims to the New World. Now here to take over Egg World.
Avatar Size:
[Image: 1498gvs.jpg]
Enlarged Size:(Sorry for bad quality)
[Image: 2zgrjux.jpg]

Aztec Indian:
Desc: Here to take revenge on the Pilgrims that invaded his land.
Original Size:(Yes, this is the BEO1 platform of the egg)
[Image: 91ji2e.jpg]
Desc: Thanksgiving is meant for giving thanks, not eating me and my family!
Avatar Size:
[Image: jsm452.png]
Enlarged Size: (Truly sorry for this one)
[Image: 2ykmlw3_th.jpg]

I am done for tonight. More to come tomorrow.
Ideas for upcoming desgins:

I hope you like them, thats it for today! Cheers!
I would be so happy if we get these ideas in-game, even if they arent my shells. Just something related to Thanksgiving!
Wow Albert, these are great! My favourite so far is the Aztec Indian. I can't wait to see the rest!
Well thanks so much, Birogrolph. At least you were kind enough to take a minute and post. I worked hard and I got no feedback. I was planning to make more but what's the point? No on will comment on them. Anyway, thanks for everything Birogrolph.
nice ideas do it in beo2 style,now its beo2 forum,
hope John provide design template to work from that will help alot.
Those are the Beo2 templates except for the Indian. The turkey and cow are from the beo2 naked shell. And it was hard because I had to use the avatar size which is very small.
Nice design. I like it. Well done!
Thanks! I am glad you like it. That's for taking your time to reply.
Don't really like em but thanks for supporting the game.
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