Full Version: Room settings change - extend timer/unready
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If the host changes the game settings, it should extend the timer / unready all players.

There have been cases where host puts low gravity or wind on at the very last second, in effect trapping people into a game type they maybe don't want to play.
I agree with you, I've seen that happen way to many times. And often times when it occurs, the players who don't want to be there leave. Perhaps they could not only have a ready thing, but maybe they could also add a time limit to when all the settings are adjusted. For example, once all the people are there, there is a 10-20 second time limit where the settings are locked in place before the game starts, so that way people can see what the settings are and they have time to decide if they want to stay.
A superb suggestion! I'll admit it, I may have done it once or twice...(sorry guys!) But I've been a victim of this too, and all my teammates started firing curses at the host :/
I really like this suggestion. this is something we need!
yes ppl should have choice whether they want to stay or not ,cool idea.
pls dont put 60 sec timer if its going to extend make 30sec. or less.
its alredy painfull to say each new player click on ready & 60sec timer seems like 1h to me.

flatout game i play has the similar settings in lobby dammit why i didnt think of it 1st Smiley_Angry
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