Full Version: [Eggminator24 Suggest Series] (1) New Weapon Pack!!
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Okay so let's get straight things first!!

I planned to make this a series so I will make it some sorta kinda separated weapons (can be individual, level weapons, packs and another related suggestion weapon like weapons that is only for ELITE users)


What is a ELITE user?

- A suggestion by mine. When a user is level 50 or higher, a sign like the prestige sign would appear just in the side of the egg shell of the user.


Ok lets get to the weapon pack!!!

Multi Cluster Bomb
Desc: 3 cluster grenades? This looks fun!! And explosive.....
What does it do?: It fires 3 cluster grenades.

Laser Beam
Desc: Shoots a laser that cuts through terrain into your opponent's face!!
What does it do?: The Description says it all.

Spider Bomb
Desc: This looks terrifying!! Make sure it lands to your opponent before it explodes!!!
What does it do?: Fires a spider that sticks to the terrain and walk until it touches someone and will explode.

Desc: Melon is the answer to everything....
What does it do?: Fires a melon (it damages too) and breaks into chunks and damage the opponent.

Poison Dart:
Desc: Shoot darts and poison your opponent that lasts for 3 turns and takes damage every time they attack (randomized damage, 0-10)

That's all for today folks, wait for another weapons!!!
More suggestions coming soon!!!
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