Full Version: Who you miss?
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Hey guys, I know a lot of you here are old players so here you can tell us who you really miss from BEO1 or begging of BEO2 that left.
I know it's been long time BEO2 came out and a lot of people left because they didn't like it at first. Can you tell us who you miss? Here are some people I miss:
duond001.306, very good friend from BEO1
Kill regard and More, I know it's been very fun at the beginning of BEO1 (and BEO2... but) MORE people were on BEO1 forum, chats, game than now in BEO2.
For all those who left. Good luck in life and wish you back in BEO2. Smiley_Wink
I don't miss any of those players.... since i don't know them.... D:
I miss alot but I don't remember.

nice to see some familiar names sad ;( they left..............................
french guy, goblue, azyp , manutek, snipperman, duond, hayek, ripples,teallapescha,rigmatz,lexy, bnb, voldemorth, hitlOr, rdredemption, jaggi123, luna4,supertemerario more...
i miss mut Smiley_Sad (yes there was litterally a guy named mut im wildmut and there was a guy named mut lol)
i dont see him anymore
>_< There was in beo1 a post too called who you miss that's why I made one here because a lot of people left.
Beginning of beo1 a lot of people joined the game. I mean who were old like austin0909, Tabby, Grim-Cat, peter, these kind of people. (Even I am old because I joined in 2011 or 2012 but I didn't have any packs and stuff.) Oh, and I didn't speak english good and I didn't join forums. >_<
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