Full Version: Is a Leaderboard Out of the Question?
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Hey guys. This is more of a thought than a suggestion, but I really want to hear what you guys think about this.

Is it possible to have a leaderboard in BEO2 without a complete stat wipe? Let me explain. Players that took part in the Beta will obviously have an enormous stat and level advantage over the rest of the players after the Beta ends.

So even when the Beta period ends, will we have a leaderboard? I know it is something that many players desire intensely, including myself.

Thoughts on this?

I don't think beo2 leaderboard is out of the question. they might actually put it in.
If you're going to reply, at least provide some actual insightful input. Because right now, I'm clueless as to why you would think a leaderboard is possible.
because most people with pro who are high levels will probably not play any more. because a lot of people have egos out there. and if there not on the leaderboard. the game will be useless to them after a while.
Okay hero2, your right and I agree with your explanation. I would also love a leaderboard as soon as possible.
Master, hero2 is right. Give good feedback other than trying to get more posts.
Also I do think it will happen because it shouldn't matter if we have an advantage or not. They have the same option, just buy pro that's all and play a lot. That shouldn't stop everyone from having a leaderboard.
How would you go about making a leaderboard more truthful/ a leaderboard which is actually a measure of skill? I was just curious to know
I always hated that thing.
troll2 definitely has a point. The leaderboard in BEO1 was basically useless because it was full of shared account, as opposed to one dedicated player behind each account.
For the leaderboard, I believe it is going to be added after beta is over. Also, I don't know if this is a possibility, but made there could be a beta leaderboard, and a leaderboard for once the game actually starts. That way we don't lose our stats, but it's still fair for the new players to have a chance at higher leaderboard spots. Smiley_Smile
(11-07-2013 02:20 PM)Grim-Cat Wrote: [ -> ]I always hated that thing.

Agree me too.
It always brings hate, maybe booster to become number 1 on the list.
If there isn't one on BEO2 I think someone will eventually make on the forum but I am friends with the 2nh highest player I think He's lvl51 prestige 1 but he is friends with someone lvl55 prestige 1 so ya.. If no one does I might make one on the forum Smiley_Tongue
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