Full Version: Friends list glitch.
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Alright, well i was playing Beo2, and an invite comes up: [Image: xg0081.png] Which i have no idea who this is, nor have them in my friends list. [Image: 2nvcs2h.png]
[Image: 2nqfrpt.png] I do not know if this is some sort of glitch or a type of bug, thanks.
well sometimes people have you on there list but
u dont have them on your list it happens with me alot
but its with my friends if it is a total stranger idk
this happens to me like 20 strangers invite me D:
when your list is full still you send friend req. by accident to other ppl if they accept your req. you name stays with them but not with you.
worst thing is they keep annoy you untill you show up

not gravedig this bug still exist new update is coming so this should be resolved 1st hope Rob will look into it
just pointing out
others have you added on their list.
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