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I want to start this new thread by thanking Navelmafiakid for everything he has done for this clan. We couldn't have asked for a much better leader, and we are all sad to see him leave PROZ. Hopefully, one day he will come back to us; but for now, we wish him a farewell. (he is only leaving the clan, not BEO2.) [/u]

Every Saturday from 9 pm to 11 pm (EST time) I will be doing recruitment. If you would like to try out, you should pm me on the forum or come to our chat room listed below.

[Image: 11qgsja.png]

Our 10 Commandments

#1. Be active.

The [PROZ] are a competitive clan. We don't expect you to be on all the time, and we understand everyone has a real life. If you can log in at least twice a week on the chat and games then your activity will be fine. People who are not as active as most will lose their clan ranking, e.g. mod or owner status over long periods of inactivity.

#2. Be respectful.

This is important to staying in the clan. We don't like to have idiots or negative players here, and we are not afraid to kick them and remove them from the clan. When you come onto the chat site please talk and chat with one another in a respectful manner, and also do not use bad mouth each other or cause arguments, you will be banned from the chat for doing this so be warned.

#3. Be willing to learn.

Here at The PROZ Team, team work and communication are important. To get better, you need to have an attitude willing to learn from other experienced members. The more you allow yourself to learn and train, the better team player you will become when it comes to clan wars or game battles.

#4. No multi clanning or Clan Hopping.

This one is obvious. If we ever find out your multi clanning, or are known to hop from clan to clan with little loyalty, you'll be kicked and permanently banned from using the chat and the forums. If we catch you being a multi-clanner or clan-hopper in your application, you probably won't even be accepted.

#5. Take initiative. Participate in the community.

The PROZ clan will always be a place for change and fun. You can get more fun out of being in the clan by participating and connecting with clan-members outside the game. Chat about sports, funny videos on the forums. Share strategies, tactics, maps, and ideas for clan-wars on the forums. Make graphics art, signatures, banners, and pictures to enhance the forum and clan image. Relax and just chat and get to know other members of the clan. Be friendly and share new ideas you think can benefit the clan. How much fun you have in this clan depends on how much effort and energy you put into it. Participate and get involved. Even just chatting on the forums once a week will get you more fun than just remaining silent. Join the community today!

#6. Recruiting

If it the responsibility of every single PROZ member to help recruit new players. If you know someone that is a good player and wants to join inform the Recruiter who will make the decision.

#7. Be Reliable

It is expected that members play and have fun and accept other
PROZ invites when they are in need unless there is a good reason. You will be expected to participate in at least 1 major event weekly (clan challenge or clan operation) this will be the way we can test your Limits. If you cannot make it, call someone or send a message. I understand things happen, just please let us know. I also expect you to know what is going on in [PROZ] use the forum to keep yourself updated. When there are wars, battles, challenges... The only way to know that is by checking the clan page.

#9. PROZ is a family

We have a great deal of respect for each other and will show this respect at all times. I expect all members to extend a level of patience with each other. Please inform myself (jacobz111) of any dispute so I can handle it. As a member of [PROZ] you will need to respect your clan mates at all times.

#10. Have fun!

Last but not least, [PROZ] loves to have fun. My belief is that playing games should be fun. Sometimes we’ll all modes matches like turning on wind and force and those sort of game modes are hilarious to watch + play. It’s all about everyone having fun.

Joining the PROZ

We don’t care if you’re Prestige or not, we don’t care if you have all packs or shells because all we look for is Skill. We do not accept people trying to join us from an allied clan. We are not here to steal our allies members. Do not think that if you quit one of our allied clans, that then you would be allowed to try to join us. That will not happen.

How to get to be a PROZ member
You will be playing 10 games with me & if you can beat 5 times. You will be considered in the Recruiting Process. We will be constantly be assessing you in 1v1, 2v2 + 3v3. If the clan members are happy with your performance and if you have all the requirements we require to have. Then we will make you an Official PROZ.

• Level 50+
• Forums account
• Xat user
• Active
• Last but not least you need to have a decent amount of skill in the game.

The real PROZ members:
Jacobz111/Jamesbaxtor: Leader
NavelmafiaKid: leader
Renegade: Co-leader
46Reaper46: Senior Officer
StyleOwh: Junior Officer
Atzael: General
Halogame1: Veteran Picasso (hehe the artist)
Darklord2424: Veteran
Alan17: Lieutenant
Atmde: Major
RpKing: S.W.A.T


[Image: 14av211.png]
[Image: 2isz8f4.png]
[Image: ilf5l4.png]
[Image: 2cf6skk.png]

[Image: 2s00bas.png]Allies: Meow, EoD, NM™.

Who we are at war with: Btw™.

[Image: 20tosj4.png]Enemies

mw3BEAST234: Faking the clan tag, PROZ; and also degrading PandaBear91.
Anthony38:Faking The Clan tag,PROZ; and Refusing to take it off, also being disrespectful to members of EoD and myself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
To All The PROZ Clan Members I Request You To Log In To The PROZ Chat Every Time You Start Playing, Thank you.

Most of the clans use xat. as their clan site therefore I have created a PROZ xat just to make it easier for other clans to contact us.
[Image: 2eumk8w.png] Halogame1 has made these eggs specificaly for the PROZ members, and if you would like one. Just pm which one you would like and he should get right on top of that.
[Image: 8zqs6a.png] Here is another design made by Purplebal55, Great work!
wel i wish him the best luck wicht hes new clan Smiley_Sad
Wow Jacobz, I think this took you a while, Good luck being the new leader of PROZ, I love the designs and update it time by time. A good leader needs to update their stuff time by time. Umm, good luck.
Haha thank you guys. I will try to be the best leader I can be. Smiley_Smile
Good luck with your clan Jacob!
I'm not a real member? ;-; Anyways, bye Navel. Was a fun 5 days in PROZ with you Smiley_XD Congratz Jacobi
Well, in the old PROZ list, Matt, you were not listed, so I assumed you were not a full member. If you want to apply again, come to the chat room and talk to me.

Thank you scope, And good luck with yours, hopefully we get to play a lot in game. Smiley_Smile
hmm, navel got that YFC clan now...well good luck to jacobz as the new leader Smiley_Smile
It actually makes me very sadSmiley_Sad But at the same time Good Luck Jacob!
I'd actually love to be a secondary artists or something...
If you're interested! Smiley_Wink
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