Full Version: Make whirlygig stronger
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I think the whirlygig should do at least 50 damage instead of 42. It doesn't make sense that the mortar is more powerful.
Yes it should be stronger. Well some people now can do 36~46 damage with mortar now so...

not 40. not 50. 60!
(11-06-2013 04:59 AM)Master cheef Wrote: [ -> ]WRINGLING MUST DO 60 DAMAGE!!

not 40. not 50. 60!

Smiley_XD Wringling lol. But yeah, why mess with pure happiness? MAKE IT 60 Smiley_Shocked
A rocket launcher does 15 damage, I personally think the damage it does now is fine, I'd even
argue that the triple thread weapons (Knives, Trip X, etc) should be nerfed, games should be decided by
skill, placement and strategy rather than hoping for good weapons.
But that's just my opinion!
i agree it is to weak
Eh whirlygig bores me a little with the yellow flames and all. Would really become interesting with more damage. SUPPORTED I GUESS
Fyi im not suggesting flames should be rainbow colored Smiley_XD
Look at the date of the last post. And there not implementing that to the game.
This post is actualy from beta , wirligig did 42 max demage. Now is 50 and its pretty fine
I like the way it is now, and this is a bit strange given that I've managed to do 50 damage with it at times?
Maybe my eyes were deceiving me.

Edit: Just went into practice mode and managed to deal 49.
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