Full Version: BEO 2 doesnt open
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i don't know why but BEO 2 doesn't load. it gets stuck at 0% I've tried restarting and re-installing my browser and there are no internet related issues.
change browser,update-re-install flash,change armorgames and stuff
i just restart my router when this happens and it works like a charm.

i know, just for 1 site? its a bit ridic, but meh. it works for me.
doesn't work either way. tried switching from chrome to Firefox and vice-verse, update flash and played at different sites... still stuck at 0%

and restarting router doesn't work. nothing happens tried it like 10 times
this problem has been seen before infact there are like 2 or 3 other threads about this same thing
look in the bug report section to see if u can find anything like that
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