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so as we know easter sundy is near ... whats the plan .. i am very exited for it
I don't go to church even know my family is Christion except me. but when I was younger I did egg hunts. in my HUGE back yard. lol. I'm not sure what I will do this Easter though.
put your feet up and relax the whole day also
play beo2 since there will be lots of stuffing given that day
and there will be even a credits giveaway on that day
Yes!Sunday is easter and we are getting 25,or 20 credits
(04-20-2014 01:18 AM)Destiny Wrote: [ -> ]Yes!Sunday is easter and we are getting 25,or 20 credits

we may get more cmon is 1 beo2 easter at least 40
So agree Croc, once, in Beo1, we had 40 but I don't remember when.
So for me now. 20 christmas + 25 now= 45.


wel ikr but i think we can be at last happy we get some
But could they not give us 5 credits more for a weaponpack?
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