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Here are some cool new features in BEO2 that you may like:
  • Fully destructible/tunnelable terrain!
  • There is a friends list! You can invite friends to your games if they are online.
  • You can skip your turn if you want to.
  • You can jump!
  • You can try out weapon packs before buying them from the shop.
  • You can enable/disable weapon packs at any time from the shop screen.
  • Rep is done differently. Hover over your Rep on your playercard for more info. If your Rep is high enough you will be able to report other players for bad behaviour.
  • You can also set a Clan tag from the friends screen which will show up in the game.
  • There is a fullscreen toggle! Playing Bad Eggs in fullscreen is awesome Smiley_Smile
  • In practice mode you have lots more options and can choose from the Pro options even if you haven't got Pro.
  • When playing a team game if your teammate drops out you will be able to control him (no more losing games because of quitters!).
  • Also if a player quits during your turn (usually just as your missile is about to hit them, right?), their egg will hang around so that you still get to do all your damage to them. Sweet.
  • Players cannot join the same game again just after leaving it so you won't have to worry about people joining and quitting over and over again to prevent the game from starting.
  • Female as well as male eggs for all the unlockable shells.
  • Lots of cool new ways to play the game (low gravity, big explosions etc).
  • And lots more!
I am so happy with the game and how it turned out! Thanks for everything Donkins! Best game creators ever! I love all the new features and weapons. So happy! Going to play a lot once I find a ton of time!

What can i say, im just speachless =)

Rob and John listening to everyone suggestion on BEO1.

giving a factor to the celling, well thats was just a huge sorprise, adding looping walls well its like heaven, give gravity factor to game mode thumbs up, increasing prestige to 99lvl smart idea, give both sex to all shells Bravo!, all the girls that play BEO2 now should be so happy for that.
new lobby looks amazing, can on/off fx of guns will help those who have huge lag or a crapy computer
new practice mode, wit so many option its just epic, and more

in resume, all interface , graphics & all moves and shooting coding (jumping,falling,hitting, etc, its a HUGE improve,interaction after hit ) are just a master piece!

Bravo Rob, Bravo John for this new experience and hours of future fun.
Thanks Troll2. Smiley_BigGrin Comments like this are why we love making our games.

Ps. There is even a boxing glove weapon!!
really nice update on Beo 2, it will take time getting used to it.
also last 11,12,13 feature mention above if you could add that in BEO 1 that could be awesome.
Agree. It will take some time.
Btw Hello Sensei nice to see you.
Rob and John, I just want to say thank you. BEO1 was a crazy ride, but this, this is like a new dimension of hysteria.

I'm on Cloud 9 right now, I don't know how I'm going to make it through school today, I'll be bouncing around in my seat!

All I can really say is, you guys are a couple of badass developers! Smiley_Smile
Awesome game Smiley_Wink. Me and my friend Yoshiegg123 are gonna make it to prestige 5 lvl 80 soon enough ;D!
"When playing a team game if your teammate drops out you will be able to control him (no more losing games because of quitters!). 1. Do we get xp if we control someone and do damage with him? or he does get xp? if he does, its unfair, you go to about 5 games, quit every game, and they get XP for u. 2. Pan is excellent for playing baseball. 3. Also i like this we can jump, and we can shot while jumping. Love it. the maps are cool, weapon and egg design are much better (why they dont have hands? D: ). 4. Do you guys plan to do a contest about maps (Design a map)? 5. If there will be a popular clan, much people will lie theyre in it, because they will just do clantag and done. Its better to make clans with accept/decline. 6. Also why we can have only 10 friends? i want 50 or 100! :/ I meet much new friends in beo2. 7. I love low gravity jumps Smiley_BigGrin. 8. In practice, if u set wind ON, theres only same wind all the time, for example 6. Cant you make it change every shot/every 3 shots? i want to practice. 9. I love explosive force! Its very cool! 10. And why i cant set time on 40/50? im a snail c:.
Sorry about my english but im from poland Smiley_Smile
Guys, I want to thanks you very much for the work you did with this game. You took all (or almost) good sugestions that couldn't be used in BEO1 and made this awesome game, totally new but still familiar. You guys did a spectacular job, so congratulations.

PS: adding this is the best thing you could do for a Stratovarius fan. Please, never ever remove it.
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