Full Version: A question about Stash (Possible limit?)
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Stash has been out for a long time now, about 2 months or so. I have not used much of my stash yet because I conserve these weapons for certain events that are important. I don't know if anyone has conserved as much as I have. Saying this, my stash has gotten to the possible "Final row" as I predicted a little while ago. (Unless top row with modes etc are blocked with a top top row)

[Image: 2znvmtf.png]

My stash weapons are almost at the roof of the playing screen, which worries me and it makes me wonder,

Is there a limit for stash weaponry?

It is possible that it wasn't thought of people keeping all of their weapons, but it will become a prominent problem in the future for many players and the question will be continuously asked soon.

If this proposed limit is reached and doesn't exist, do the weapon squares get smaller? Is there another page that is accessible through an arrow or certain button to allow access to the rest of the players stash?

And if there is a limit, do the oldest stash weapons get automatically removed? This would definitely be unfair to the people saving up weapons for the future, like me and some others.

BEO1 had 4 different weapons that did this. The Teleport, Fury, Shield and Mass Teleport. Now, with ALL 79 (If weapon pack 7 is in stash already) weapons are available in stash, meaning it is possible to have an extra 79 slots for weaponry, which is an overload for the square size on one page.

Creators: If you read this I'd like to have this question solved before it is too late, and my stash disappears or gets buggy due to the proposed limit.

To everyone else: Your thoughts on this possibility are greatly welcome! Thanks for reading.
Wow so many stash.I don't have buyed any of then.Just for 1 use!
you will get scrollbar i guess, nice stock i have till 4th row Smiley_XD
wow dint know it can go than long ty for the tip
It is possible that the only weapons you would be able to continue getting in the spin, would be weapons you already have in your stash. So that instead of filling up more square slot spaces, it just adds to the existing ones increasing the amount that you already have.

Just a thought.
that is what you call a hoarder.
(04-14-2014 12:01 PM)snitcher Wrote: [ -> ]that is what you call a hoarder.

Or a smart/skilled player Smiley_Wink
Yeah, you need very much skills to beat a Guest lol.
the only limit is your imaginationSmiley_Wink
There's no limit. Players with all weapon packs will probably have already noticed that if they go to practice mode all the weapons are available. It simply scales the ammo container to fit on the screen.
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