Full Version: Easter bunny weapon
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My idea is a new weapon that can be bought trough stash. Or maybe be implemented in a new weapon pack. Its basically an easter bunny that throws explosive chocolate eggs out of its basket.

if he hops or flies with help of an jetpack or something i dont know. I havent worked it out yet. I picture it in my mind that he throws multiple eggs with each throw and that he has multiple throws.

What do you guys think?? Any more ideas reagerding this weapon are welcome! Smiley_Wink

(p.s. english is not my native languageSmiley_Tongue)

I would never have guessed that English is not your first language!
Good idea, but maybe it could be released as a shell that comes with an accompanying weapon (like the Atom shell) and not as part of a weapon pack (given weapon pack 7 was only just released)
it is a idea but that wont be for the next few weaks like birogrolph sayd weapen packk 7 is just realeased
Haha, what I thought is that he throws explosive carrots, but your idea is also awesome.
i hoped at somthing like beo1 the easter eggs canon

Hm..howabout making an easter egg just like beo1???
And if you find 10more eggs after you unlock the shell, gives this weapon!!!
It was fun finding hem in beo1Smiley_Wink
Thanks for the feedback guys! Yea when i made this post i had not notice that the weapon pack 7 had come out Smiley_Tongue
But to make it come with a shell is a nice idea Smiley_Wink
The thing is I hate people spoiling all over the things you find. On YouTube and they tell other people and stuff. People should find the secret eggs not getting told by other friends.
ikr there dont be to spoil it on youtube k maybe to friend but not on youtube its a secret for someting
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