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i want to give u a suggestion that
1) when pro players create a match there should be also a option to play with pro only (as was in BEO1)
2)and prestige players can also have a option to play matches with prestige players ...

so that they also feel a competitive match...otherwise i have always get chance to play wid guest or new eggs which is too boring often a times
Give everyone a chance to play with you. Maybe there are skilled people too that doesn't have stars or PRO, and yeah, I don't like guests too :/
i m not sayin that pro will always play with pro when they want to play with other they can untick d option
I think its a great idea!Smiley_Tongue

(tooo short)
near private room check-box they can make 2 more i think prestige only & pro only could work.
I suggested that pro players should have an option to play with only pro players. but unfortunately. it wasn't put into the game.
Yeah, but that will mean that players who don't want to prestige (like SenSei) wont be able to play matches with high-ranked players.
He can play with prestige (high rank player) if any one wants to play wid people r playin wid him rght now..i m sayin add xtra options if a pro or prestige is creATING a match...(also sensei is pro)
N sensei is not prestige is his roblem as he is afraid to lose wid lvl 1 weps...
well ur using my name so just saying its not imp. to me have prestige i alredy did same thing in beo1 so i didnt feel to do it again. even though u lose weapons but bought weapons still stays with you so i dont need to be afraid.
on side note i can just kill anyone with using only nade too so i dont need weapon Smiley_XD
i think there should be prestige only but also lv 99 no prestige can join in beo1 i prestiged cause the white line instead of some stars was ugly. LOOOL dont judge me Smiley_XD here i was the 2nd toprestige....(albert 1) after they removed the line.. fuu lol
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