Full Version: Highest Damage
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My Highest Damage is "215" New Record? I want to know
u should show ur profile to proove it
hey cup cake!! Nice to see you even on forum! Smiley_BigGrin
Hey Traf Smiley_XD That good drawing jaksjaksj
umm.. how'd you get 215? lol.. mine is 108
Andy6778 Is a Secret *-* xDDD sry
how can you get 215? that's impossible. what weapon can take that much multiplied by 3?
Master Chief Its Possible :3 You have to think
what weapon did you use then???
Oh men -.- U need Pumpking map 3 vs 3 ... Ghost have 50 + 3 other players .... i use Splurge Grenade... (i speak Spanish bad english) Smiley_XD
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